Forms of high intelligence and associative horizons

In my considerations about genius, I have over the years realized one of the pillars of brilliance is associative horizon (the other are intelligence and conscientiousness). To explain what I mean by this, here is a somewhat structured list of its suspected features: ………….

Partially personality-based, but don’t hold that against him. Rigidity of worldview.

Summarized, the person with wide associative horizon is primarily living one’s own mind, not letting one’s mental state be determined or strongly affected by others. This is not a choice but a personality feature outside of one’s control. Such a person may be seen as unusual, isolated, original, bizarre, detached from emotion, cold.

He just explained INTJs.
err what wut wtf scared rdj


One response to “Forms of high intelligence and associative horizons

  1. Low-no empathy makes you less likely to follow social cues and, therefore, more likely to act based on your own interests and knowledge base? And when you pair that with a high IQ and LLI, you get someone who is bright? Shocker.

    But good find, anyhow. :p

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