I love this idea. I think you might refer to the difference between specialized ‘genius’ and general genius aka ‘polymathy’.

Aeoli Pera

This bit of psychometrics provides more of a basis for my intuitive claim that the frontal lobe provides the first 95-99% of IQ, and something behind the ears is required to break the 135 barrier:


The ability to manipulate the symbols in the brain that correspond to entities in the outer world, and manipulate them according to the rules of logic which are intuitively known. This too operates in all the areas named under pattern recognition, and this too is so close to intelligence itself that it is not a factor on its own. But we feel it as a separate process.

On Pattern recognition and Reasoning

Pattern recognition and Reasoning are, as it were, two aspects or processes of the same – intelligence – that each cover all of the lower factors. To perform a mental task, one first has to recognize pattern, and then one can reason…

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