Transgenderism is a psychiatric disorder

Transgenderism is a psychiatric disorder, yet we approach it as though it were something to be celebrated and accommodated. It is the only mental illness classified as such by the medical establishment that we indulge with surgery instead of treating with therapy. It’s time to stop performing sex reassignment surgery on sufferers and reconsider the options.

I think of an anorexic wanting liposuction.

3 responses to “Transgenderism is a psychiatric disorder

  1. I don’t agree with this train of thought for several reasons.

    1. Even though the cause of transgenderism is in the brain, we are far from fixing all the other brain problems, much less transgenderism. Even if you have schizophrenia or depression, drugs can have bad side effects or not work, so you have to really look for the right combination. I checked out the side effects of antipsychotics, and met people who were forced to take them. It’s not pretty. Reassignment surgery is not pretty either, but messing with your brain is not less dangerous than messing with your body. If “it’s messy and unhealthy” was the reason why we should not permit any transsexuals to get surgery, then antipsychotics and many other legal drugs should likewise be banned.

    2. It’s an identity problem. It’s hard for someone to imagine taking a drug, and then observing a core part of their identity change dramatically. Some people might not want that, and then the only way to “help” them would be to force them to take drugs. And that is hardly a good definition of help. Their body and mind are their own.

  2. And what of those who “treat” all of these transgendered people who are now disproportionately represented in our media, our universities, and our government programs? An identity problem may be a living hell for someone suffering from it, but at least its confined to that person and his or her family.

    It concerns me that the insane– that seems to me to be the most accurate term for the transgendered– seek to dictate policy to the sane, and that the sane are for the most part going along with it.

    Consider the case of Bradley Manning, who recently petitioned the courts to order government surgeons to cut off his penis. Surely taking a drug to reduce the impulse to self-mutilation is more humane than actively participating in the perversion of a physical body.

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