Video: UKIP’s Nigel Farage threatened on BBC Question Time by UAF’s Bunny La Roche

Why wasn’t the bitch arrested? It was broadcast to millions of people. Notice how they tried to take the microphone away so the audience at home wouldn’t sympathize with him?

If she’d have assaulted him it would have been the full scorecard of Left ‘debate’ techniques.
Interruption, shouting, -isms, threats.

UPDATE: Informed the crazy (woman?) is called Bunny la Roche. Literal name. She(?) is a member of the Socialist Worker’s Party, formerly worked for them, Unite Against Fascism (UAF) member;


known affectionately as “Boiler” Bunny

she even attacks her fellow Left wingers

affiliated with the Kent International Socialists

who said;

“Heckling is a long-established democratic tradition and to equate it with violence is ludicrous.”


affiliated with Left Unity (unofficial group)


and a ‘Stand Up to UKIP’ campaigner.

Is this what stares out of the abyss?

12 responses to “Video: UKIP’s Nigel Farage threatened on BBC Question Time by UAF’s Bunny La Roche

  1. Is her hair purple?

    I will not listen to anyone whose hair is not within the normal human range; I will not regard anything they have to say about anything, any more than I will use a gendered pronoun for a ‘trans’ rather than calling each ‘it’ since they’ve already dehumanized themselves by not conforming to whatever sex God made them.

    • Finally, someone with sense. I use ‘it’ too, the third pronoun for neuter, neither m/f.
      I dyed my hair strange colours as a teen (goth phase) but I genuinely liked them. The key is subtlety, very dark or light washes. Most people can’t tell, but that form of neon colour is a red flag to a troublemaker. Hair crop tells you left wing. Shabby clothes – far left. Unkempt face – crazy.

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