Video: The origins of political correctness

Here’s the Wikipedia’s old article on Cultural Marxism:

Wikipedia – Cultural Marxism

And here is what it redirects to now:

Wikipedia – Cultural Marxism

Page 55, The Genesis of Critical Theory, from The Dialectical Imagination: A History of the Frankfurt School and the Institute of Social Research, 1923-1950 by Martin Jay (1973);

In Dammerung Horkheimer wrote: “Logic is not independent of content.

There are no solutions. Only wanton destruction.

3 responses to “Video: The origins of political correctness

  1. As of 10:31 AM US Central Time 13 DEC 2014, it no longer re-directs. Generally, many, including me, succeeded in getting the heading found here included.

    Please contribute additional references to that section, and monitor it for deletion of content. Do not fight battles regarding specific language such as “alleged, nazi, anti-smite,” etc.; please focus on contributing references, quotes with “Cultural Marxist” included in the text, and other information providing irrefutable evidence that “Cultural Marxism” is a thing. Accept the slurs – embrace them, even. The effort for now should be focused on stuff Wikipedia admins cannot justify deleting – especially anything labeled, “Cultural Marxism.” Also, put things in the talk page, and keep a separate file of anything you add.

    There is a wealth of “Cultural Marxism,” written capitalized, within academic papers. if you have access to JSTOR, etc,, your assistance with references is much appreciated. My journal access is limited to engineering journals.

    One more thing, just to get you started: much of “Cultural Marxism”
    has it’s roots in post-WW2 Britain, with application of theory spreading to the USA and Canada via academic appointments.

    Happy hunting! I’m back to building design.

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