Claudia Boleyn video: “What is it like being a feminist online?”

I get forwarded these by people when she passingly mentions me. Those people are sadists because yes, I find her annoying but she’s a useful study in SJW. This time is quite momentous, don’t blame me for the post frequency it’s right of reply. She’s the more eloquent type of ditz than regular SJWs.

This is mostly direct quotes and you’ll soon see why. You can double check the video itself if you’re a masochist.

…I get misquoted a lot, I get a lot of people, …I get people sending me quotes, apparently quotes that I’ve said, which have never left my mouth or left my fingertips on my keyboard of my laptop ever in my life. Often asking me to explain my opinions on topics that I have no idea what these topics even are, I’ve never heard of these topics before, using words I don’t know the meanings of. So that’s really frustrating.

mean girls regina george that's really interesting sarcasm
Isn’t there a feminist meme? Educate yourself?

There’s a lot of misinformation floating around. …I mean I get enough shit for the things I do actually say so I don’t need the added help. …Sometimes it can be quite amusing.

That’s trolling. If you put out inflammatory content to get a negative reaction. Trolling.

…It can be amusing to see quite how many of these strange little people you are pissing off with your words and that gives me great strength to know that there are people out there that are so obsessed with me

obsessed with me mean girls regina george

that they’re on all my videos threatening to do these things to me. I’m clearly a big part of these people’s lives now, which is strange.

Most feminists limit themselves to the character limit of Twitter, this one is an odd specimen. The format change incurs a difference in response.

…That does make me laugh, so if you’re watching this video to those particular trolls… I hope that one day you manage to break yourself from the cycle of watching my videos if you hate me so much and you are able to resist the urge to send me misogynistic slurs and hate speech.

Your sub count would drop like a rock.

Personally, I find her videos comical. I pour myself a stiff drink. She’s confusing the people who actually threaten her (such as the rape thing, which is inexcusable) with every passive viewer (no direct contact) who disagrees.

…People compliment my eyebrows a lot.

Those people are not your friends. This mean girl behaviour is exactly what they are doing because it reduces your attractiveness as competition (or they have awful taste);

I was going to say something before because it’s so bad but it would’ve sounded mean, now you mentioned: Brow powder and gel to set is your friend, be subtle, it shouldn’t look like you drew them on with marker. While we’re at it, texturizing hair mousse combed through, stop applying blush on your cheekbones (not apples) and spring for highlighter liquid and contour powder and you need a sheer foundation applied by damp sponge because that one is too heavy. Lipstick choice is acceptable if too pink for your rose-toned skin but clearly applied from the bullet, buy a brush for shaping and layering. This is how you can tell I’m female although at one point she insinuates everyone in disagreement is “anti-feminist male.”
Resources, let me help you PLEASE:

…I get asked for a lot of advice by people and this is really strange for me and it’s quite difficult for me because I really want to be able to help people and advise them but I’m no authority on anything… I’m really not the sort of person that people should look up to really, I don’t think, anyway, because I’ve mucked up so many times in my past…

That one single point is the entire reason, the ENTIRE purpose, of writing my initial post on you. To protect other people, vulnerable people and children/teens who might follow it without question. Since then it’s just been replying.

And I’ve had people saying that I’m pretending to be queer online,

Pretending? No. You aren’t straight. You’re definitely something else, I was quibbling over definitions of which terms were appropriate and citing Berkeley. I love how you were heteronormatively biased in assuming I’m normal myself. Identity politics leaves a bad taste, I take things on merit.
Misrepresenting yourself on a variety of different mediums, with proof written by you? Yeah. People are starting to notice when you say contradictory things. We are capable of critical thinking.

I’m pretending to be bisexual, that I’m pretending to be, um, pretending to be half-Indian.

I never said the Indian thing. Must be somebody else. It’s obvious she’s telling the truth there.

… And some of them can get quite obsessive which is quite worrying, because you know, like I said before about people that comment on my videos, these people actually go back through my videos I’ve made in the past when I was younger and stuff

You have a channel. The medium is intended for that specific purpose. Why do you make them and keep them up if they have an expiration date? At least you haven’t ragequit though.

and hunt me down online, like hunt down my various profiles online and try to get stuff on me which is really scary and I think it’s harassment really, it’s like online stalking and I think that’s very disgusting,

Wait, wait, hold up. You put the information up there. You wrote it. You put it there. Stalking involves invasion of privacy. There is no such thing as stalking information a person has chosen to share publicly to garner attention and public discussion on, it’s right to publicity we are helping you exercise, that ‘evil’ action would be called reading/watching. Reading self-uploaded content online isn’t stalking. Harassment? How? Where do you get this stuff? If you quit mentioning me, I’d quit replying to you. Happily. I’m kinda bored of you by now. I refuse to review anything to do with the mess of modern Who.

so I’m very wary of that and I’ve actually had the police involved.

Is she trying to get on TV, is that it?
Does she know wasting police time is a crime?

I’m not gonna talk about that too much here

because it would make you look bad, can’t have that
they dropped it too, didn’t they
that’s also why
why did they?

but I have had the police involved with something like that before so yeah, I’m not afraid to report that kind of thing by the way.

she is very trigger happy with power, huh? Has anything actually happened IRL? Doubtful. Online stuff you block or avoid. It’s simple. And what about counter-suits? Have you considered that? Is your casefile that strong, to drag anonymous people (with a stronger right to privacy as non-Youtubers) out and withstand a libel suit for twisting their words or actions? Malicious prosecution suits? Again, I doubt it. Maybe try studying law, a topic you don’t understand, before running off to the police because someone disagreed with you beyond a ‘safe space’ echo chamber. There is no right to be exempt from disagreement, intellectual debate or offense. You cannot censor all criticism of your ideas which are not positive and completely yielding.
As I put it in another post: If you wish to discuss controversial subjects, you will attract controversy.

Just in case you are one of those stalker kind of people, you know, I will just go straight to the police so you know.

Sounds like a threat.
And accusing people of crimes they haven’t committed is slander. As I keep repeating, you are not qualified to decide certain things. Whether a person is a criminal is a judge’s job.
Would you go to the papers about it too? Cash in on an interview? That would be the ultimate test of whether you suffered any ill feeling. You see, if a person is truly stalked (I have been, I speak from experience), the last thing they would do is draw attention to themselves (police guidelines too) and give interviews about it (attentionseeking).

……Misandry’s like a joke that feminists have picked up on just to frighten MRAs and men that are particularly oppressive and full of bullshit.

It isn’t just white men, it’s all men, and it stretches back over a century.
You should know this. That is the history of the movement you support.

..They don’t seem to have the imagination to see outside of that so when they hear about feminism they don’t bother to listen to what we’re saying about society.

Maybe we like data and logic? > emotion, imagination

…They’re not actually misandrists, they just say it to scare those particular men and it is quite amusing. Also women don’t actually have the power for their hate to do damage.

This explains so much about how you operate.

(example of how there is no such thing as racism against white people)

Diverse of you. Inclusive. Tolerant.

Obviously I don’t hate men. If I did hate men, I don’t think it would be that much of a big deal really, to be honest …. I see a lot of male feminists, allies, I don’t know if they should be called feminists or not, that’s a debate…

There’s nothing else of value except for her elevator pitch to become a feminist like her.
The lack of agreement between women should actually be a good thing.

3 responses to “Claudia Boleyn video: “What is it like being a feminist online?”

  1. She’s BPD; ‘nuf said.

    BPDs might have a soul somewhere deep inside of them, but if they’re a true BPD (rather than an induced BPD – somebody recovering from traumatic experiences at the hands of another BPD) you’ll never see it. Like a Narcissist, they’re a tightly-wrapped shell of fake personalities, each one tied-to and compensating with the others, so that as soon as you peel back one layer, another one slides in to replace it. You can never access these people’s ‘true selves’, all you can do is follow a cyclopean spire of increasing craziness. NOTHING that they say has any relation to objective reality; at most, it’s calculated to bend objective reality to sate their utterly insane perceptions of abandonment.

    This is why clinical psychologists say that you don’t treat a Borderline, you ignore it; the most you can hope for from these monsters is that they find coping mechanisms which are relatively non-destructive for society at large.

    Allowing one of these people into your life is a guarantee of misery and madness and failure.

    • Oh wow, I’m honoured you read this. I read your blog and watch your videos. Thank you for taking the time.
      Yes I am familiar with BPD, at this point she seems to be goading me by mentioning me ambiguously. I only wrote this post because she started going on about police. I’ve given expert testimonies in the past but I’d rather not bother on some dippy tart. I was just trying to warn people off her advice. You can’t fix those people, I loved your four personality disorders work. It’s hard to make that stuff relevant to a lay audience and had promising ideas.

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