What is marriage? an economic exchange, a contract


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…Now, all through up until the 1970’s, marriage was still viewed as a legal contract. It was a given that both parties had an obligation to uphold such a contract just as within any other economic or legal contract.

If you wanted to leave you still could. No-one was stopping you. But, as with any contract, if you breeched your contract you would be the one that was penalized for it.

If you wanted to leave and receive the benefits from the marriage, or rather, be compensated for the breech of contract of the other party, you had to prove they were at fault in order to sue for compensation. This makes sense, doesn’t it?

Therefore, there were many things which constituted “fault.” Adultery, alcoholism, mental insanity, cruelty, physical abusiveness amongst a host of others all constituted “fault.” If you were at fault, you could expect to lose your rights as set forth in the contract. But even so, if there was no fault and you still wanted to leave, no-one was stopping you. You were not put in jail for leaving, but you were found to be at fault for “abandonment,” and therefore lost all of your rights as set forward in the contract – and you would be liable for any “damages” caused by your “fault.”

That seems fair to me. All contracts are set forth in this manner. That is why they are contracts. A contract says that if you behave in such and such manner and don’t deviate out of that behaviour, you will be compensated with a guarantee of this and this behaviour from the other party. Step out of these guidelines and you will be legally liable, stay within them and your rights will be guaranteed….

I think a lot of men in the manosphere fail to realize one thing about traditional real marriage vs. the new modern excuses. There can be no marriage without fidelity, this is a reason why ‘gay marriage’ doesn’t count, because they’re unfaithful. Yes, that goes both ways. You want to fuck around? Never get married. The decent woman who is worthy of marriage doesn’t deserve the pain, diminished social status (can’t satisfy her husband, something wrong with her or her selection) and STDs of a cheating husband, just as a good man doesn’t deserve a feminist. These differences in strategy (short promiscuous/long monogamous) are fine, but do not mix. A promiscuous husband is just as much of a liability as a cuckolding feminist, trying to reap the benefits of both strategies and tearing the social fabric apart.

It’s a commitment and a sacrifice and yes it is difficult, that is why longlasting marriages have value.

Understand the vows you take, “not to be entered into lightly”


“so I will be to you a loving and faithful husband.”

” I promise you my deepest love, my fullest devotion, my tenderest care.”

“And so throughout life, no matter what may lie ahead of us, I pledge to you my life as a loving and faithful husband.”

3 responses to “What is marriage? an economic exchange, a contract

  1. The way I usually put it is that men used to have two choices: Beta or Alpha and women used to have two choices: Slut or Wife. Likewise, when it came to selecting a partner, a man could choose to chase Many Sluts or One Wife, just as a woman could choose to chase Beta Bux or Alpha Fux. In some societies Alphas may have settled more often, meaning Alpha Bux was also an option. Likewise, in other societies Many Wives may have been available. And there would have been the odd woman stuck with Beta Fux (in an on-and-off sexual relationship with a man who had poor genes and no resources), or the odd man stuck with One Slut (in a casual sexual relationship with one woman who was also seeing other men). But generally, especially in healthy societies, we had a dichotomy. Many very high quality Betas (much higher quality than today), a few Alphas, many Wives and a few Sluts. In short, a few men and women on r selection and the majority on K selection.

    This balance meant Betas found it worthwhile to improve themselves and attract a Wife, as there were many to go around. Some Wives would wait for an Alpha to “retire”, but the quality of Betas was such that, unless she had a fixation, she would be happy to marry one of them. The Wives and Betas worked hard to attract each other. Likewise, the Sluts enjoyed having their fun and being the Alpha’s playthings, which encouraged the Alphas to continue being Alpha.

    And if you chose one strategy, you were generally stuck with it. A man who chose BB would generally not have access to MS, but had a chance with a OW. A man who chose AF would generally not attract the hardworking, disciplined OW, but would get his pick of MS. A man who chose MS lowered his chances of OW later in life, as most of the women in the right age range were either married, found HIM to be old or disinterested, or were worn-out sluts. A man who chose OW over MS had to commit to her at a young age or risk losing her, keeping him away from the MS. A woman who chose OW over MS would generally not get an Alpha or much genetic variety for her children, but had ensured they would be provided for, improving survival, and that she would be provided for in old age, making her a suitable carer for her grandchildren. A woman who chose MS over OW would not be able to secure a BB to provide for her, as most of these men would be married already, however her children had more genetic variety and she had the small opportunity of marrying one of her Alphas as he wound down and couldn’t attract other sluts any more. A woman who chose OW excluded herself from being a MS, as no Beta would take a woman who had several children by several Alphas. A woman who chose MS excluded herself from OW, as committing to one man who will not provide for her gave her both limited genetics and restricted resources.

    The modern world has turned this on its head. People have become lazy in a time of abundance. The easy options are encouraged and supported: men should be allowed to be Betas, women should be allowed to be Sluts. But they’re even lazier than that. The Betas are pathetic excuses compared to the Betas of yesteryear. The Sluts are completely dependent and mentally frail compared to the Sluts in tribal societies. Everything about our modern BB and MS is weak and lazy. Few of them are desirable to their target partner: most Alphas don’t want most Sluts and most Wives don’t want most Betas. This, paradoxically, encourages the promotion of MORE Sluts and Betas, because there are too many of each, but there are so few high quality Betas and Sluts that demand isn’t actually being met.

    And we also hit another issue. Sluts are r-selected. Betas are K-selected. This means we have a huge number of lazy, unappealing women looking for easy sex with the top 5-10% of men and a huge number of lazy, unappealing men looking for a relationship with the top 20% of women. The marketplace is unbalanced.

    The Betas want to marry the Wives, but there are 5 Betas to every Wife, of which probably 3/4 are not what the Wife wants to marry.

    The Sluts want to have children with the Alphas, but there are 10 Sluts to every Alpha and 3/4 of them are the sort of women the Alphas don’t want children with.

    We punish the Betas for marrying incorrectly, the Alphas for breeding incorrectly, so both are becoming wary of women.

    Nature punishes the Sluts for not breeding and the Wives for not securing resources, so both are becoming desperate.

    The Wives are getting tired of the low quality of Betas and are trying to get Alphas to marry them.

    The Alphas are getting tired of the low quality of Sluts and are trying to get Wives to have sex with them.

    The Alphas notice an abundance of women after them, the weakness of their competition, and go soft.

    The Wives notice an abundance of men after them, the weakness of their competition and go soft.

    The Betas notice the lack of suitable women, the superiority of their competition and get lazier.

    The Sluts notice the lack of suitable men, the abundance of men after them and get lazier.

    The Sluts notice the number of men after them and try and get AF and BB, which makes them unhappy.

    The Betas notice the lack of women after them and settle for the first Slut who will take them.

    The Alphas notice the number of women after them and try to avoid breeding or settling.

    The Wives notice the number of men after them and sit back waiting for a “perfect” man, rather than marry a rare decent Beta or a rarer committing Alpha.

    So every human strategy has been ruined by the consumerist promotion of laziness, of “being yourself”, of the idea that everything will come your way in the end. In terms of partner choice, we’re left with very little of worth, even if we DO work on ourselves.

    • Yes, everyone is lazier. I think the manosphere is correct in saying not every non-Alpha is Beta. There are lower ranking who think they are beta but are repugnant to decent women (Gamma, Delta, Omega). And don’t realize in this century they aren’t entitled to a wife, there aren’t enough, just a washed up slut. The good ones, beta or wives, don’t really work on themselves because a partner will love us “just the way we are”. There is no expectation of fidelity from men when it’s in marriage vows and people generally don’t take it seriously.

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