10 commandments for neoatheists


Too much overlap with science. Conflating science and religion as polar opposites is a neoatheist technique. Science studies everything, religion isn’t off the books. Meditation, for example, is a religious rite and scientifically validated as healthy. Suck it, reddit.

A lot of value judgements and presumptions, as Mangan points out, it isn’t very logical at all.

#Ifuckinglove #scientism

Unless you’re a genius.

Real, original philosophical atheism has much in common with nihilism. A genuine atheist would be largely apathetic on matters of religion and philosophies pertaining to goodness, the societal carrot, since good/evil is a religious trope. It’s difficult to base one’s personality around something which doesn’t exist, but neoatheists manage it. Conflating it with science is the foolish mistake of the supposed celebs of science, worse than reality tv stars, who make unscientific sweeping statements about how great they are, bring personal political views into their sage advice (value judgement) and refuse to admit it when they’re completely objectively wrong.


And then there’s the utter obliviousness these Defenders of Truth have when it conflicts with their overwhelming PC motivations. PC/all else.

Just look at what’s happening to Dr. James Watson, one of the co-discoverers of DNA, and an un-person due to his stance on politically-incorrect science – he’s been reduced to selling his Nobel Prize thanks to the viciousness of the modern Left!  Lately the Atheist/Pro-Science Left has been celebrating Nikola Tesla, a genius ignored during his time – where are their voices when it comes to a modern day corollary, who doesn’t fit in to the accepted political mould?

This is how female SJWs work: misogynist! Listen to me! I will complain to you now!
This is how male SJWs work: bigot! You know nothing! I will ignore you now!
The latter doesn’t work very well on a courageous scientist who dared state an opinion on a scientific subject. Science isn’t a matter of consensus, that is the entire point of the exercise. (And don’t give me peer review we all know it’s rigged and SJWs aren’t scientists themselves, the groups are mutually exclusive). They desire validation and as nerds/geeks/brains are cool at the moment, they are a #massivenerd. Minus the actual work, obvs. Status signalling is a low effort endeavour.

Veruca Salt Willy Wonka Don't care how I want it now spoiled rich bitch

They are more superficial than all of the Kardashians put together in front of a mirror.
They won’t read any of Tesla’s works, real science which requires critical thought to digest, but they’ll insult his legacy and memory by purchasing merchandise themed around his near-death hallucinations.


With undertones of bestiality. As if they haven’t sunk low enough.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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