Reproduction OR Immigration OR Bust

Pick one.

…While there is a lot of starry-eyed prognostication about the replacement of people by machines, fundamentally,

the below average IQ will have nothing to do, it’s a disaster

economics is about trade between humans for their subjective satisfaction. When a culture produces fewer humans, and demands more of those younger humans in the form of taxes to support the older ones, some people need to be imported to make up the deficit.


However, the people that can be imported are not like those that would have reproduced under different conditions. Rather than reproducing the society that existed before, mass immigration instead produces a mutant amalgam that isn’t entirely recognizable to the native stock. The people have different values, different productivity levels, different behavioral propensities, different religions, and different genetics.

….What has happened is, that given the crude egalitarian ideology shared by most of the country, one person is held to be as good as any other, with no differences that can’t be melted away by education and television.

This is not true: a people can’t reproduce itself by importing some other people from some other place. They think that they’re getting reproduction, but are actually getting replacement. Not all of the replacements get along with one another, either — crude racial categories like ‘Hispanic’ can include different strains of humanity that have hated each other for centuries, speak a different dialect, and don’t particularly cooperate well…..

The phrase “community relations” springs to mind, within a nation there should be no division.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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