Cultural concessions: Elsa is racist?

This is where I out myself as an avid Disney fan. Have mercy.

Princesses are an original European tradition, yes, based in Monarchy, that evil thing we’re supposed to resent in a democracy. *hums God Save the Queen* There are a few Arabian princesses, but even their Princes go for white blue-eyed European ancestry in choosing a wife. Ouch. Real Arabian princesses aren’t actually princesses, the tradition and power involved was stolen borrowed from Europe, beforehand an unmarried woman under Sharia had no real title or status, and the women in that role to this day are basically hostages. I don’t think they count as princesses. Non-European princesses are trying to appropriate European culture, from a feminist standpoint.
Africans had priestesses in each tribe before Christianity came along and gave them medicine. A film based on that would be interesting indeed.

…So I actually hope that the left keeps pushing this issue hard. I hope that they continue to attack and corner white people that try to console them. I hope they push it to the point that whites get that nothing will ever be good enough, there is no settlement that can be made. If you are white, you are a target and that’s it. There is no way out. There is no way short of killing yourself to be non-racist, so you may as well embrace your own identity….

Put it this way: if there was an entire decade of black Disney princess films at the exclusion of others, they’d call it patronizing. You can’t win. I find it unusual how these new types of Princess, now a third personality style (or you could say, a Third Wave) have none of the gentle wit, charm, sweetness, grace or bearing et cetera of an actual princess, an important social role in a monarchy with such responsibilities. The first form of princess did (Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty), the second had less but other redeeming qualities, more of a modern update (Belle, Ariel, Mulan) and this third lot seem to have little to mark them out as nobility or upper caste class at all.

I think they’ll follow the money.

One response to “Cultural concessions: Elsa is racist?

  1. as a business man (& cartoon fan) i’m surprised that tyler perry hasn’t made a black princess cartoon. just create a brand new princess from a fictional country in africa & fill it with news songs from black musicians. he would make an insane amount of money.

    black princess helps dad get country out of economic crisis with her talking pet gazelle. they sing their way through the movie, & like aladdin, princes come to country to court her. the end.

    black, feminist/traditional & musical. make sure it’s rated G & the princess has 3 different gowns. it’s like printing money.

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