On being transgender

SJWs get it the wrong way around. The mind can be changed. Genitals cannot. They need experimental pharmaceuticals or brain surgery. Like any other mental disease where reality doesn’t conform to the individual (delusions).



A while ago, I appeared on an episode of the Drunken Peasants at the request of the Amazing Atheist, and had a good chat with a young feminist who goes by the moniker Awesome Rants. One of the things we discussed was the idea that there are more than two genders, an idea I dismiss as not only ridiculous, but as actively harmful against people born with gender specific congenital abnormalities.

The recent suicide of transgender teen Leelah Alcorn has ignited the debate about these medical conditions, with far too many people, in my opinion, characterizing transgender as simply another gender that we cannot accept. Leelah’s suicide is a tragedy, and the contribution her parents made to her despair evokes simultaneous pity and fury in me. I pity them because they have lost a child, and that is always a terrible thing for any parent to endure, but I am…

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4 responses to “On being transgender

  1. “The second daughter is transgender. She was born with the brain chemistry of a female, and the external genitalia of a male. …Alex is extremely fortunate to be living in a family that understands she has a chromosomal abnormality not materially different from the older sister. At some point in neonatal development, something went wrong with both girls. One was born without ovaries and the other was born with incorrect genitalia.”

    Assertions made by Judgy Bitch:

    1. Child has female brain chemistry.
    2. Child has chromosomal abnormality.
    3. Child was born with incorrect genitalia.

    Judgy Bitch, please prove your assertions. Start with #1.

    • You can automatically tell when someone doesn’t know what they’re talking about on the subject when they confuse sex with gender. Sex = XX, XY or a genetic disease. Gender = masculine, feminine. That’s it. I’ve spoken to neuroscientists about this and they’re the most pissed off about the SJW weasel words of all.

      • I don’t even like your weasel-words. Sex is fucking, at least, for procreation. Sexual relationships are biologically reproducing relationships. Gender is identification of which side of that dual sexual nature into which one is born. One can only be cis-gendered unless one is somehow OUTSIDE gender. That takes some really special genetics and morphology. Such a thing is so rare that such people should be able to sell tickets for interviews. So, no, gender is the set [ XX/female or XY/male or genetic disorder PERHAPS interfering with gender expression within morphology ] . Sex = fucking.

        But perhaps that’s just me.

      • Sex (noun) = m/f Sex (verb) = fucking, a shortened form of sexual intercourse. I’m basing those definitions on the scientific ones I have heard from researchers and seen used in lectures. Not the political ones used by feminists who would obscure the terms of debate.
        That whole cis-gendered thing is bullshit. You can’t pathologize normality, it’s an unscientific oxymoron. When it comes to the brain, gay men score similarly as straight females. It doesn’t make them women, although their gender is feminine. And there’s nothing wrong with them. They don’t need to be castrated, as some did in the past.

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