Paper: Sex differences in the human amygdala

Click to access Hamann2005.pdf

The amygdala is a structure in the temporal lobe that has long been known to play a key role in emotional responses and emotional memory in both humans and nonhuman animals. Growing evidence from recent neuroimaging studies points to a new, expanded role for the amygdala as a critical structure that mediates sex differences in emotional memory and sexual responses. This review highlights current findings from studies of sex differences in human amygdala response during emotion-related activities, such as formation of emotional memories and sexual behavior, and considers how these findings contribute to the understanding of behavioral differences between men and women. Clinical implications for the understanding of sex differences in the prevalence of affective and anxiety disorders are discussed, and future directions in the study of the amygdala’s role in human sex differences are outlined.

If this is ringing bells, Anonymous Conservative discussed amygdala damage in liberals and feminists.
Claims of anxiety disorders and PTSD? Yup. Starting to make sense, isn’t it?

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