Gender diverse company leads to performance drop

Yes, that’s my Government.

When asked for the evidence supporting our assertion that “improving” gender diversity in the boardroom (“GDITB”) leads to declines in corporate performance, we respond:

1.Leading proponents of GDITB no longer claim a positive causal link with enhanced corporate performance. Examples include EC Commissioner Viviane Reding, Professor Susan Vinnicombe (Cranfield) and Catalyst (the American campaigning organisation which was the source of a number of studies still cited by some proponents of GDITB). A strongly pro-GDITB report (published 9 November 2012) following a House of Lords inquiry into “Women on Boards” concluded, “We did not find proven the argument that there is a causal link between more gender diversity on boards and stronger financial performance”.

2.We’ve challenged dozens of organisations which are proponents of GDITB, and hundreds of individuals, to supply robust evidence of the positive link they regularly and confidently claim. They’ve collectively provided us with nothing.

3.We’ve given considerable publicity to five studies showing the negative impacts of GDITB on corporate performance, and challenged many proponents of GDITB to either refute the studies, or highlight any weaknesses in them. All have failed to do so.

The evidence that GDITB leads to a decline in corporate performance is overwhelming. Details of the five studies we cite are detailed below. The first three studies relate to the impact of the imposition of quotas on Norwegian companies…..

The Cause is Socialism’s Trojan Horse, undermining capitalism from one duty to many.

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