Now The Sun has bowed to feminazi censorship, they’re starting on The Star (paper)

The Page 3 in The Sun has moved online, for free. It’s a trial to raise subs and it won’t work because the rest of the internet exists. The Daily Star is already stealing their custom and good for them. The Sun campaign gained traction because the crazy Greens’ MP (they have social justice in their manifesto) broke Commons rules in wearing a t-shirt and talking ranting about it.


Only relevant bit;

Campaign group Object have already launched an online petition calling for The Daily Star‘s Page 3 to be axed, “asking Richard Desmond to get rid of the Page 3 in The Daily Star.”

Encourage the stupid it will make less of them

FI on the Greens

We’ve always been a party of social justice, and believe that equity has to be at the heart of a sustainable society. We’ve also always made the case that the best way to protect the environment is to transform the goals and direction of the economy to make it genuinely sustainable.”

Green activist Peter Tatchell says that for more than two decades, the Greens have had a very progressive social agenda.

“Unfortunately, the media tend to cover us only when we campaign on environmental issues,” Tatchell told me.

Sugar they're going down.

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