ADD, ADHD, ABCD – potassium deficiency?

I wouldn’t be surprised if that were the case.

ADD/ADHD/whatever they’re calling it now isn’t a real disorder. Attention doesn’t operate like other variables because everybody has it. You cannot have a deficit, unless you’re in a coma. If you put the average ADD kid in a forest, it’d disappear. Like magic. [yes I have tested that theory] Why? School is boring as shit [dumb teachers, unchallenged gifted trope] and bad parenting that would rather drug the poor kid up to the eyeballs than face a tough conversation once in a while about what a terrible job they’re doing and how to better support the kids’ needs. Notice the parents never require drugs with a long list of side effects, even though they say it’s genetic to feel less like the total scum they know deep down they are?

A woman who experienced this sensory overstimulation found that it subsided about 20 minutes after taking a potassium supplement. A neurologist found that her symptoms were the same as in “hypokalemic periodic paralysis,” where ion channels in the muscles become overactive when potassium levels are low.

K is a vital element in the body, especially the brain. Look up the sodium-potassium pump. [wordy explanation] [mathey explanation]
What caught my eye was this;

eating a high-carb diet and eating salty foods triggered her sensory overstimulation

Yes, that makes sense. Most salt is pure sodium, no trace minerals (the reason we crave it aside from simple electrolyte balance). There must be a BALANCE of Na AND K for the brain ‘pump’ messaging signals to operate effectively.
Practically speaking, anyone who eats too much salt and too little potassium is giving themselves brain damage. For those who didn’t read the “vital” link [tut tut]: “If the pump does not function properly in brain cells, the result is severe neurological conditions such as migraine with aura, muscle spasms or unilateral paralysis (hemiplegia).”

yup damon ian somerhalder vampire diaries hot duh yes uhuh
And you thought I was exaggerating.

n.b. To the nootropic crowd, upping K doses is a thing (esp. to cover dietary high-salt intake). You’re welcome.

8 responses to “ADD, ADHD, ABCD – potassium deficiency?

  1. I am someone who experiences symptoms of A.D.D and have done since I was a child. I find it hard to keep my mind occupied with one thing and often find myself doing more than one thing at the same time (usually 4 or 5). This isn’t because I lack discipline. It is because if I continue doing the one thing, I get this urge deep inside me that blocks me off. It’s like when you can’t think of what to write next or you feel like you can’t run anymore.

    It’s difficult to explain but my mom also explained it in a similar way; a force that wraps itself around your insides and won’t let go until you force your attention elsewhere.

    It was really difficult for me during schoolwork as I could not force myself to go through and check my work for mistakes. I don’t know if the whole ‘attention deficit disorder’ bullshit the world pulls is real or not. I’ve never taken any treatment for it, but I do know that it exists and sometimes I wish my brain would shut off. I’d say its more like too many small bursts of attention and not a deficiency of it.

    • The best explanation I’ve heard is that the modern world drains the regular attentional reserves and some people have smaller reserves than others without training (like an introvert’s social reserve).

  2. You are a shameful, sordid coward. How dare you spew misinformation while denying ADHD’s existence, and then refuse to reply to a reasonable, educational response countering your uninformed and pseudo-intellectual bullshit with facts? You have absolutely no integrity, but what else should I have expected from someone who reads exclusively extremely right-wing/alt-right shit, and spouts/regurgitates MORE uninformed nonsense literally EVERY day? I am truly at fault for expecting you to be an honest, conscientious person for even a second.

    You are worth less than pocket lint.

  3. A disorder that affects millions (I’m sure you’ll use this fact to support your uneducated argument) isn’t real because you think so! Why didn’t you tell me this earlier, before I realised I had ADHD, and that it made general life significantly harder for me!? You could have saved me! Alas, it is too late and I am now trapped in the prison-like hands of Big Pharma who feed me boat-loads of drugs daily, unfortunately they forgot to include potassium! Damn this potassium panacea, if they just added it in I’d be fixed!

    “The best explanation I’ve heard is that the modern world drains the regular attentional reserves and some people have smaller reserves than others without training”
    This is the best explanation you’ve heard? That’s your fault for not knowing about a better explanation. “The best explanation I have heard is…” is code for “I am willfully ignorant, and don’t want to learn more.” It’s your responsibility to research more. There are scientific explanations backed by countless studies proving that ADHD exists, and that people suffering from the disorder function differently, mostly worse, than people without it. It is not simply malnutrition or whatever other bullshit you justify your ignorant beliefs with. Yes, inadequate nutrition has an effect on ADHD and the development of it, but the problem with your reasoning is that you disregard (or simply don’t know, which is what I’m assuming) the fact that ADHD is a multifactorial disorder, meaning its development is affected by prenatal circumstances, genetics, upbringing AND nutrition (during infancy as well as present).

    Do you actually know the symptoms of ADHD other than the expressed inadequate focus/concentration? Do you know there are 3 subtypes, Inattentive, Hyperactive, and combination? To list a few symptoms: Abnormal difficulty in sustaining attention in tasks; abnormally frequently losing things, regardless of their importance; pays attention to EVERYTHING, and commonly everything EXCEPT the required task; heavily related to the previous point, extreme distractibility; abnormal forgetfulness; abnormal impulsivity; reduced ability to pick up on social cues; extreme disorganisation; abnormally easily bored; time is experienced as either “right now” or “not now / too far away / never,” not “in 10 minutes”, not in 20 minutes, not in an hour, not in a day; related to the previous point, consistent lateness. In the case of the hyperactive subtype: constantly fidgets; abnormal difficulty in sitting still; always “on the go” and wanting to do the “next” thing.
    You think this incomplete list of symptoms is explainable by “school is boring as shit” and “bad parenting”? ADHD affects sufferers OUTSIDE of school, so the logic of “school is boring” simply doesn’t hold up to actual logic. I can attest to all these symptoms above, and I have some anecdotal “proof” to say that these symptoms are not common, as you seem to imply when you say “the modern world” causes them: back in school during class (any given class at all), I’d look around the class (needless to say, far more frequently than anyone else in any of my classes who didn’t have ADHD or wasn’t a delinquent) EVERYONE was almost always doing their tasks as they should, not fidgeting, sitting still, not bouncing their leg, not fucking around with or clicking their pen, not almost ALWAYS late. To this, I’m sure you’ll reply that I’m biased because I “think I have ADHD.” The thing is, back then I didn’t really understand why I was different. I didn’t *know* I had ADHD. Also, in almost EVERY one of my teacher reports (and I have many), “lack of focus and concentration” was an issue raised. “School is boring as shit” doesn’t explain this, because I’m sure as hell that my teachers didn’t write “lack of focus” in every single student’s reports. I was also late far, far more than anyone else in any of my classes, you genuinely have no idea. Also, it took me 3 tries to pass my English Language exam despite the fact that I love English and it was my favourite subject (not to blow my own horn, but I felt I was better than most people in my class, and I still feel I’m better than the average person at English). Even my teacher was surprised. I’m sure you’ll just say I didn’t try hard enough or I’m just dumb. As shown by your reply to someone else (and your uninformed reasoning), it doesn’t matter how much anecdotal evidence I could give you, you’ll always dismiss it with some weak and ignorant logic.

    Wow, you read a couple articles that implicate potassium levels in ADHD, did you?! Too bad you didn’t actually understand what you were reading, nor do you understand that a disorder like this could not possibly be catalysed by the simple lack of potassium. 98% of the American population have a deficiency in potassium ( But guess how much of the population have ADHD? 5-7%. Nowhere near 98%. I could stop here, since I’ve already shut down your awful argument, but I won’t because you are extremely stupid.

    If you want to believe malnutrition is one of the biggest causes of ADHD, look further than just potassium and mineral levels. People who don’t consume enough protein and therefore amino acids such as tyrosine, phenylalanine, glycine, and cysteine are at a small risk for developing ADHD symptoms (note, not ADHD itself, but symptoms) because these amino acids are critical to the production (synthesis) of neurotransmitters and the modulation of them, most notably tyrosine as it is the precursor to dopamine – the catecholamine with the biggest role in ADHD. Optimal protein consumption will not alleviate ADHD.

    Vitamins are also necessary both alone as well as to aid synthesis of neurotransmitters, anti-oxidants and general health. Vitamins A, C and E are antioxidants necessary for protecting dopamine, as this catecholamine is very susceptible to oxidation, much more so than serotonin, for example. When dopamine oxidates anwhere outside of the synapse vesicle, like the receptor, damage is caused through free-radical release. Zinc and selenium help protect dopamine too. B3 and B6 (and the rest of the B spectrum) also aid the functioning of dopamine and brain function as a whole, and neurotransmitter synthesis as mentioned earlier. Deficiencies in these vitamins can produce sometimes serious cognitive impairments, and can mimic conditions like Alzheimer’s. Again (I’ll be saying this a lot, because you are /that/ wrong), healthy consumption of these vitamins will not alleviate ADHD.

    Also, if you’re going to blame ADHD all on a lack of a mineral(s), at least mention magnesium deficiency which is very common. Of course, you couldn’t have known about magnesium’s benefits, because you don’t know anything about this subject at all! Regardless, NMDA (N-methyl D-aspartate) receptors are highly excitable, due to their high calcium permeability, and when constantly activated due to not uncommonly high levels of extracellular glutamate, calcium enters the cell in dangerous amounts, and the cell kills itself through apoptosis (programmed cell death). This process is called excitoxicity, which is heavily related to neurotoxicity, and impairs brain and cognitive function. Magnesium protects against this by sitting at the NMDA receptor, just like glutamate would, except it doesn’t activate the receptor as glutamate contrastly would. Thus, magnesium is an NMDAR antagonist, albeit weaker than pharmaceutical drugs (obviously). High levels of NMDAR (R for receptor) excitotoxicity plays a role in Alzheimer’s disease, to which ADHD notably has things in common. Other NMDAR antagonists are those such as Memantine and atomoxetine (Strattera), the latter of which is a first-line therapy ADHD medication, though its intended purpose is its dopamine-norepinephrine reuptake inhibition (DNRI), like methylphenidate (Ritalin, Concerta, though they’re aren’t NMDAR antagonists). Again, much of the population is low on magnesium, yet only 5% have ADHD. Curioser and curioser…

    Higher than normal doses of zinc (50mg+, FYI the EU RDA of zinc is 10mg) are also helpful to ADHD sufferers, as zinc can slightly dampen the symptoms, but AGAIN does not correct the sufferer’s neurological malfunctioning.

    Choline is great for the brain as it is the precursor to acetylcholine, which is crucial to nerve communication and for brain functions related to memory, concentration, learning ability, and virtually all aspects of cognition. Unfortunately, even if you eat extremely healthily, choline is difficult to acquire from food sources, because even the richest sources (eggs, almonds, cauliflower) provide insufficient amounts – up to 80% of the population don’t consume enough choline. Liver is a very good source of choline (relative to eggs etc.) but no one can eat that every day. Choline supplements such as CDP-choline/Citicoline, when taken in sufficient doses like 500-1000mg (far higher than any diet could provide) will, in addition to the above benefits, upregulate dopamine receptors. This is the healthiest and perhaps most powerful option for attenuating ADHD symptoms, but as always, it STILL won’t alleviate ADHD.

    Onwards, Omega-3 oil intake can also help ADHD sufferers (and people in general), and though results from clinical studies show that there was no notable improvement between the placebo and experimental group, these essential fatty acids are all-round good for your health, both brain and heart. There were more promising results, however, when Omega 3 was taken in conjunction with methylphenidate, an ADHD medication I mentioned earlier, as Omega 3 upregulates neurogenesis – these better results are understandably so, as ADHD medications bring patients’ catecholamine levels closer to normal, thus catalysing the formation of neural pathways that should have formed earlier (but didn’t due to the biological under-functioning brain of an ADHD sufferer) and Omega 3 aids this formation. AGAIN, Omega 3 consumption, no matter how optimal, will never alleviate ADHD, just like all the things mentioned above. It’s funny that, isn’t it? It’s as if ADHD isn’t caused by something as simple a potassium deficiency, and can’t be resolved by nutrition.

    Sure, blame the “modern world,” by which I assume you mean the development of technology e.g. smartphones and faster computers (curse technology! It is witchcraft! Mobile phones are the work of the devil!) because you simply don’t want to educate yourself, or even worse, have closed yourself off to the actual explanations of why ADHD exists. The unnatural immediacy of technology you’re talking about may have some effect on people, but this effect is negligible in the general population and does not account for the neurological malfunctioning of people with ADHD.

    I can assure you I don’t have an inadequate diet. I cook almost every meal I eat (I’m training to become a chef) and so eat healthily and avoid many foods people eat every day. I can say with certainty that I am healthier than a large majority of the population, and probably you too. I also exercise weekly, and am the average weight for my age (20).

    Additionally, here’s a list of supplements I take:
    Concentrated Omega 3 fish oil: 893mg, of which are 410mg EPA and 250mg DHA
    N-Acetyl L-Cysteine: 100mg (repletes glutathione stores, our body’s strongest endogenous antioxidant, also a free-radical scavenger)
    Alpha-lipoic acid: 100mg (anti-inflammatory properties)
    Resveratrol: 50mg (antioxidant, notably found in red wine)
    Vitamin E / d-alpha tocopherol: 6mg
    Vitamin D3: 25μg
    Vitamin C / ascorbic acid: 80-500mg
    Vitamin B3 / Niacin: 48mg
    Zinc citrate: (citrate form has high bioavailability) 15mg
    Vitamin B5 / pantothenic acid: 18mg
    Vitamin B6 / pyridoxal-5-phosphate: 7.98mg
    Vitamin B1 / thiamine: 5.5mg
    Vitamin B2 / riboflavin: 4.2mg
    Selenium: 110mcg/μg
    Vitamin B7 / biotin: 100μg
    Folate / [6S]-5-methyltetrahydrofolate: 100μg
    Vitamin B12 / methylcobalamin: 20μg
    Bulk Powders Whey Protein Powder giving 23g protein per 30g serving (for the entire spectrum of amino acids), this also gives a good amount of calcium (haven’t measured), helped by mixing it in milk as I do
    Magnesium Bisglycinate: 200-400mg
    Ginkgo Biloba extract: 120-360mg
    I’ve also been wanting to buy CDP-choline/Alpha-GPC for a while, just to give you the whole picture

    I hope everything I’ve said will do at least SOMETHING to change your uninformed mind on this subject, and I hope it was civil enough. Oh also, fuck you for the title and the very first few lines of the post. Such ignorance displayed in so few words. Fuck you again. I think that’s still civil enough given how willfully ignorant you are. I wouldn’t be surprised if you don’t reply, and yes I realise this post of yours was from 2015, but I see you’re still posting (complete shit, by the way, please just read a book or SOMETHING that isn’t extremely far right), so you should be able to reply.

    Yes, I’m posting this again, because you are a shameful, unrespectable cunt who doesn’t have a single microgram of humility. If you spout ignorant bullshit, at LEAST have the bare minimum respectability to admit you’re wrong (and also an imbecile to the highest degree, but I’ll settle for the former). You shouldn’t have made this blog post. It’s like peering through a keyhole into the never-ending corridor of your stupidity.

    • I know a lot more than you on this subject, but spergs gonna sperg I guess. I actually got that theory from researchers on the subject. Note, all the factual links, that you happily ignored? Blaming your poor impulse control for your failings in life won’t make you less of a loser. If there’s a simple treatment, you should be gagging for it. Logically.
      Your argument is very muddled.
      You don’t even see it, so I’m calling sperg.
      You get pompous, without looking at my bio-heavy posts, which demonstrate I do in fact get these subjects better than Mr Supplements. You take all those and you’re still an asshole, amazing. Maybe it’s the estrogens in the whey making you such a pretentious bitch. You could just go to the people doing these studies and dispute them but no, that’d be the sensible manly option. Go for the messenger, so strong.
      You argue against yourself in multiple places, it’s like, stop hitting yourself.
      You also argue it’s caused by both everything and no particular thing. This is impossible. The simplest possible explanations are demonstrated by demographics and demographic data has shown it’s a problem of middle-class white males in suburban areas with poor impulse control. I guess it hurts to consider you might be making your ‘symptoms’ better or worse but you should really look up the difference in definition between symptoms and signs.
      Oh course, you knew that, Random Internet Shitlord. If you indeed have shit for brains, it’s amazing you read so much about your condition, very convenient that ADHD symptoms disappear on fun activities and I’m sure neuroplasticity has nothing to do with this.

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