Why isn’t there a red-pill MOOC*?

*Massive Open Online Course

I’m completely serious. Surely somebody could set it up?
They’re free to take. Post-Gamergate I doubt we’d have trouble getting numbers up.
I could look over some more scientific parts of it as free proof.

putting phone down what shock surprise omg chuck bass gossip girl wtf no

It could be a BS-free truth bomb. An antidote to SJW rhetoric.

4 responses to “Why isn’t there a red-pill MOOC*?

      • As long as you’re fair-minded, and back up any assertions and arguments with appropriate quotes and citations, I don’t see why that should even be an issue.

        What do you mean, as regards not being ‘well-connected’? You seem to me to be highly knowledgeable on a variety of subjects, and have excellent research capabilities, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding out whatever you need to learn.

      • I only write about what I know, you can’t perceive the (sometimes large) gaps in my knowledge because I respect the reader. I looked into it and it requires webhosting, something I’m not good with, but if someone else gets the ball rolling I’ll happily add in some brain stuff.

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