Video: Books, from The Time Machine [1960]

I feel like this is how future historians will look back on our time period.

“What have you done? Thousands of years of building and rebuilding, creating and recreating so you can let it crumble to dust. A million years of sensitive men dying for their dreams.. for what? So you can swim and dance and play.”

The longer I look the worse it becomes.

The straight platinum hair, the tans, the inability to converse or look up from food, conformity, apathy, banality, ingratitude, ignorance, impatience, laziness, the list goes on. A short time ago, the material of our present was the work of parody, inconceivable was our excuse of a ‘modern’ culture. We have advanced in technology alone. It is cruel for great people to be born of times which do not deserve them. If we could meet our ancestors, they would be repulsed. I wager they’d refuse to sacrifice a whit.

what situation dawning pretty girl


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