HBD is Life and Death

Life extension is often a question of reducing mutative load.

JayMan's Blog

In this post, I don’t mean in the way some people might think (though it does work in that sense too), I mean in terms of longevity.

Mainstream thinkers, and some in the HBD-sphere, are fascinated and confounded by the persistent variation in health and lifespan of different peoples around the world. This has given rise to ideas like the “French Paradox,” the “Hispanic Paradox,” the “Stroke Belt,” etc. These are ongoing “mysteries” that are most confusing when you approach the situation from the paradigm that we know exactly what leads to health and long life (usually along the lines of “eating right” – whatever that happens to be at the moment – “exercise”, avoiding smoking and excessive drinking, keeping thin, etc.). These “paradoxes” arise when incongruities to this wisdom are found in the world – and there are many. Instead of doing what researchers like say, Greg Cochran and…

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