Sexual dimorphism and perception (curvology)

Some of this is true, other parts not.

WHR curvy female figure
Above: curvy AND skinny. It’s skeletal.
Example: Yes a man notices your flaws, but he is grateful to be having sex with you and knows never to insult your appearance in case it shuts down that willingness.

It’s long been accepted that men have evolved to appreciate proportion, rather than size. What this means in practical terms is that if a woman’s size fluctuates but shape remains the same, her partner is unlikely to notice, not because he is unobservant, but just because his brain is programmed to be more concerned with hip/waist ratio than stones and pounds.

This is true. However, most heavy women are less Christina Hendricks and more like the proportions of a masculine beer barrel. They’d still prefer a thin Christina, same WHR, to an average or fat woman with ‘curves’, she happens to hold the weight well.

In order to deal with this somewhat unusual situation (other mammals are guaranteed a shag, no matter what they look like, because they don’t have monogamy), women have established a physicalised hierarchy. The components of this hierarchy are often invisible to men, but it isn’t about them, it’s about women knowing where they fit in a pecking order.

Yes, women must destroy the competition. Never take a strange woman’s appearance-based advice if she has something to gain from it.

Of course, I don’t want to believe any of this is true. I hate to think of womankind in this way. And yet I cannot deny that it makes total sense. When I talk to David about it (and it’s a conversation that involves quite a lot of me asking him why he seems so unfazed by the inevitable backlash by ‘Twitter Feminists’ and him reassuring me that it’s just social media and everything will be fine) he tells me that women being honest about this sort of thing might actually be the key to social progress.

“Men have been forced to analyse how we interact with and treat women in professional and social environments and that was a good thing. It’s time for women to be honest about how they’re treating each other”. He says.

Most of the shit women do is for the benefit of other women

5 responses to “Sexual dimorphism and perception (curvology)

  1. Maybe some things men notice, but not others. I gained 13 lbs on purpose once and posted pics, but no one could tell the difference. Maybe they were just scared of admitting it *shrug*.

  2. You only have to look at all the trashy magazines of the ‘Closer’ and ‘Heat’ genre to see that female bitchiness towards each other over physical appearance exists independently of male opinions.

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