2 responses to “Red Ed: UKIP’s immigration concerns “based on reality, not prejudice”

  1. I have continually challenged the Green Party over immigration, as a genuine ecology party ought to support stringent immigration restrictions for reasons of environmental sustainability if nothing else. Yet the Greens are so shit-scared of being labelled ‘right-wing’ that they have a totally loony policy of wanting to abandon *all* immigration restrictions. Maybe in their dystopia when we have no energy security unless the wind is blowing or the sun is shining (as neither is at the moment on this cold still night) there will be large scale net emigration!

    • Oh they know exactly what they’re doing. There’ll be rolling blackouts soon. They don’t really care for the environment, as you rightly deduced, they just crave power for social engineering. They’d rather we live in caves according to their SJW nonsense.

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