Dominance vs Domineering

On the Rock

Commenter Wudang asked me to explain the following:

What do we really mean by alpha and social dominance and the man in the relationship being dominant and why is that not oppressive.

Matt King (King A) followed up with a link to Roissy’s post called Arrogance Vs. Confidence.  I think this post is spot on.  First, I would like to go through some of Roissy’s points:

Arrogant man – Gets defensive when challenged.

Confident man – Has nothing to prove.

Most have us have seen the arrogant man do this at some point.  He’s ready to fight, often at the drop of a hat, to defend his manhood.  The confident man, on the other hand, doesn’t feel the need.  He knows, without question, who is the man and feels no need to take it further.  I’ve seen this presented with humor, with aloofness, and with simple straight, no backing…

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