Are polygyny, promiscuity, hypergamy and cuckoldry pathogenic?

Yes, why aren’t there studies of vaginal bacteria cultures? Doctors already take millions of samples.
I would also like to see male sample studies from STD checks to ascertain % transmission. As do the men, I would imagine.

Is this why feminists are insistent upon receiving oral? Subconsciously trying to pass on promiscuity or cuckoldry-causing strains?

dean that's enough no more internet laptop shut no no no nuhuh supernatural

This is too much of a fuck-mind to consider all at once. It sounds scarily probable.

2 responses to “Are polygyny, promiscuity, hypergamy and cuckoldry pathogenic?

  1. There was also a study that argued behaviour-altering parasites are not exclusive to insects and actually occur in birds, reptiles and even mammals. Why wouldn’t a bacteria or microscopic organism develop a process through which its spread and survival are guaranteed? If a fungus can make an ant climb a tree and a larva can make a host find a warm, damp place to curl up and die, why is it irrational to assume some human pathogens and parasites alter our behaviour as well? It’s already evident when we have a candida infection and crave sugar. We don’t crave sugar: the candida does.

    Freaky, but these things have always been with us and are unlikely to disappear. The only difference is that we are aware of them.

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