The Evolution of Female Bisexuality

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Post edited (5/31/13) See below.

As promised, here is my post on this fascinating, and rather mysterious topic.

Who doesn’t love bisexual women? Before my foray into the HBD world, I thought that that was a trick question. In any case, I’m certainly quite fond of them. 🙂

But bisexuality, or for that matter lesbianism—like homosexuality in men—doesn’t seem, at first glance, to make sense evolutionarily.

One might imagine that attraction to both sexes confers no additional benefit, and would not have been selected for. And for this reason, like male same-sex attraction (both strict homosexuality and bisexuality, hereafter abbreviated SSA), it is suspected to not be evolutionary at all.

However, all the evidence shows that female SSA (both lesbianism and bisexuality) is quite heritable—indeed, more reliably heritable that male SSA (at 0.33 vs 0.22, respectively).

But, at the same time, confusingly, its prevalence seems vary widely…

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