Is the Pill for women as bad as steroids for men?

So, if widespread steroid use is discouraged for men, why haven’t the neurological effects on women of the steroid-based contraceptive pill been studied just as thoroughly? After all, the pill is the principal artificial means for controlling population and is currently being used by 100 million women each year. This includes many girls who have just entered puberty. Its cumulative effect could have a significant impact upon society….

Infertility? STD rise? It’s all about endocrine balance.

…In a challenging article in the open source journal Frontiers in Neuroscience, three Austrian researchers argue that 50 years after its introduction, it is time to assess what the chemistry of the pill does to the female brain.

oh no oh dear hides facepalm double
51 years too late.

Their survey of the literature suggests that the effects of the pill vary considerably with age and individual physiology. Finer-grained studies are needed to assess the precise effects of steroids on cognition and emotions and whether their effect is “feminizing” or “masculinizing”.

For instance, it is widely accepted that the pill affects women’s moods. In most women its use seems beneficial, but sometimes it is associated with increased rates of depression, anxiety, fatigue, neurotic symptoms, compulsion and anger. And these studies may be too positive because depressed women may have dropped out of trials. Most studies have focused only on depression, while other dimensions, like anger or empathy, have hardly been studied. So research into the effects of the pill upon emotions is far from adequate.

One particular area of concern is the pill’s effects upon teenagers. The prefrontal cortex of the brain appears to be one target of structural changes in women who use the pill. But this is an area of the brain which is not fully developed until a woman’s early 20s. What impact will early contraceptive use have upon teenagers? There is no clear answer.

Don’t give them it. That’s the medically ethical thing to do, but the feminists would go apeshit at protecting women.

The authors are not scaremongering. They don’t even seem to have any ethical objections to using the pill. They simply set out the state of current research and point out that there are significant gaps in our knowledge…..

Maybe in history books they’ll blame this for the lack of female interest in STEM. Innate biological determinism is impossible, you know, because that would affect all kinds of things, such as drug response!

2 responses to “Is the Pill for women as bad as steroids for men?

  1. There’s alot of reasons no one really wants to take a look at the pill and I think most of them are indirectly political.

    Any examination of the pill’s side-effects will be seen as an attack on contraceptives, which of course isn’t true, but clickbait headlines won’t bother to relay that.

    Personally and sexually, I enjoy the benefits of the pill with my partners, but the emotional side effects are pretty nasty. I don’t know how some men cope.

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