Men have a Wall too.

I’m tired of seeing this Peter Pan BS in the manosphere. Men age. Men age terribly. There are no current male sex symbols beyond middle age. I respect men enough to tell them the truth. Look at the average older man, he looked better in youth. There is no magic pill. You will age too.

Brad Pitt in his prime vs. Now, post-Wall. Such a terrible loss.

Men have a Wall too, but it can be kept at bay a decade or so longer on average, perhaps (considering genetics).
It still exists.

Timescale based on the average male;

25-35 hair loss – includes overall thinning

35-45 weight gain, beer bellies and man boobs (reduce alcohol and other sugars)

45+ back ache, knee pain, other joint issues preventing you from doing certain sports (supplements and surgery)

Anyone over 50? Risk of accidental injury goes way up.

Studies are random sampling I pulled up and read quickly because I don’t get paid for this.

The hormonal malfunction is a big issue and quite the norm for both sexes. Everyone knows by now about testosterone drops in men, you could supplement. However, that isn’t all you need to concern yourself with.

I will take the high ground and leave comment on sexual performance to other people. Except to say merely having erections become infrequent (compared to the person’s own youth) and when maintained, softer (artherosclerosis and alcoholism make this worse). This happens gradually to every single man because 40 is not the new 20 for men either. Please don’t delude yourselves like the feminists. Please? We all have telomeres.

In general, don’t be fat while you’re young or you’re screwed. It’s easiest to shift weight while young because of hormones.

Be wary of dosing yourself with too much testosterone. “conversion to estradiol by aromatase converts the androgen to estrogen activity”

Sadly, men have a prime. Deluding yourself by pointing the finger at women (who also age, duh) won’t help you personally.
“The loss of muscle mass is one of the most striking characteristics of the ageing process.”

Invest in good skincare, stress hits men worse. No one looks good with a face of excess wrinkles.

See aging as a neutral thing. Be stoic about it. Hence why I’m pleading with you to drop the Peter Pan myth. You aren’t helping yourself or your sex (if male).

Get cardio check-ups if you do supplement T. Be wary if you have family history.

“The rate of physiologic, or molecular, aging differs between individuals in part because of exposure to ‘gerontogens’, i.e., environmental factors that affect aging,” Tip: SPF with both UVA and UVB filters for air pollutants.

Finally, fertility. If I were a man, I’d have frozen my sperm age 18. Honestly, you guys have it so easy for method and you don’t do it! Why??? If the manosphere’s “Have it All” dream were to hypothetically come true for you as an individual, your children with your (ideal) 18-year old blushing virgin bride would be far healthier if you used your youngest sperm. If you are even considering possibly having kids, someday, get your little soldiers frozen pronto, there is even a name for this mutation issue. You can’t blame this one on women! Your insurance policy is as easy as masturbating into a cup! I wish we women had it that easy, use your advantage.
For general fertility issues conceiving at all (naturally, as you assume you could); “Age-related infertility will continue to be a problem. A basic understanding of the issues is critical for health care professionals so that they can effectively counsel patients who are considering a delay in childbearing for social reasons or for those seeking fertility treatments. This review details the changes in fertility seen in the aging male.”

Surely, the use of these references has helped you to wake up to the real dangers of this? This Peter Pan, Dorian Gray-style denial? If I hated men, I wouldn’t tell you any of this out of spite, and let you find out by yourselves. I am not trying to tell you what to do, I am trying to point out the medical fact that an older man is physiologically inferior to his youthful self. Factor this into your choices and decision-making, since you’re classically the logical sex that acknowledges hard truths. Prove it!

7 responses to “Men have a Wall too.

  1. I can vouch for every assertion about aging men. At 25-35 I was a lady killer. Today (at 53), I am an ugly old man WITH BACK PROBLEMS, KNEE PROBLEMS, BIG GUT, BALD, etc.


    At least I admit it.

  2. I’m 32, and based on my genetics have about 5 to 7 more years before I hit my wall and I’d have to be pretty dense to not understand this.

    I’m peaking now, but with proper maintenance can sustain a very high SMV for well into my 40’s. Rarely do I see attractive people in their 50’s but when I do, they usually carry an attractive energy with it. A soul with little-to-zero baggage or regrets.

    If I spent all my prime as part of the carousel highly I doubt there would be any young, beautiful women waiting for her turn to jump on. We must all use what time we have wisely.

    Men and women are still both human. This post is great, but I’m still not sure if 18 year old me had better sperm than I do now. The idea behind information being passed on in DNA and I’ve got 14 valuable years of a wide range experiences coded into my genes that the first 18 years didn’t even come close to in comparison. I’ve spent so much time adapting to survive sure that would be good information to pass to my offspring.

    Not to say their won’t a point when aging becomes a thing of the past and none of this will even matter.

  3. I’m in the 45+ bracket. No ‘moobs’ although I do drink beer (I’m enjoying a nice Weissbier at the mo), a bit of weight gain after I gave up running. No hair loss, though the barnet gets greyer every year. But the knee-joint pain I had in my early 30’s – entirely self-inflicted from running. I have a ‘normal’ BMI, neither underweight nor overweight. Cycle to work when I’m at my base location (drive if I have to go elsewhere for a meeting). Low blood pressure, low cholesterol. Went vegetarian when I was 19, vegan when I was 22.

    • Compared to average? You’re doing well. Men aren’t accustomed to looking at one another’s appearance, the way women do, so you tend to miss the averages and why it’s laughable for the PUA section to say that a man of 50 is more attractive to us than the same man of 20. It’s as laughable as a feminist telling a man a fat woman is preferable to her thin twin.

      • I’m pint-sized, five foot five, so I’m used to pejorative comments from women on the matter but I’m also thick-skinned. My health and economic well-being are more important. As I said, I put on a bit of weight after I gave up running (BMI went from about 21 to 23) but I balance that against the long-term damage that I would have done if I’d carried on. My weight has now stabilised and as long as it doesn’t increase then I’m happy with that. My father died of a heart attack when he was 37, which puts me in the ‘high-risk’ group for heart disease, whilst my diet puts me in the ‘low-risk’ group. I’m lucky to have inherited the grey-hair gene rather than the no-hair gene 🙂

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