Feminist calls for schools to be segregated by sex


I agree, they do perform better this way (girls and boys). However, there is no demand in STEM, especially for women. If you must lure girls with “We need you” pleas into the most brutal of careers they wouldn’t have otherwise chosen (anti-liberal, ironically) and they find out you’re lying say, as soon as they graduate, you’ll be making an enemy for life. They can vote, remember. It is met by overseas workers, who are cheaper and can be threatened to work harder with deportation (and take less hours off for sickness and holidays). You must choose, neoliberals: immigrants (usually male) or native women. Choose you must.

you know what this is

3 responses to “Feminist calls for schools to be segregated by sex

  1. Since graduating in STEM, partially because girls are so encouraged to do it, I’m starting to feel that perhaps that many scientists and PhDs aren’t really needed. But on the other hand, there is always demand for people who’ll fix your computer problems.

  2. Feminists advocating gender segregation. Quelle surprise. As girls now outperform boys at school in most subjects (largely due the lack of male teachers as role models), then gender segregation would probably help boys more than girls.

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