Why aren’t more people feminists?

A question the likes of Emma Watson might be asking themselves, as their movements grind to a slow but sure halt. What went wrong for the image? Who doesn’t want to be associated with feminism?

Here’s the first few results I found for “If you’re not a feminist-” and think what sort of message of love and inclusion this sends out to literally everyone else (feminists themselves being a minority).





I can’t imagine why these people aren’t more popular. They seem such an open, loving bunch.

This t-shirt;


Perfect for alienating your friends in public. If you had friends, who went outside.


n.b. I love how that’s the shortened version missing the point, see: https://disenchantedscholar.wordpress.com/2014/12/08/feminism-is-defined-as/

Choose my opinions? Engage critical thinking? I can’t do that if I’m a woman feminist, we must be united in Hivemind or the terrorists patriarchy win.
If you want to read something substantive;


It’s like they’re claiming to be a member of the popular kid’s group, insisting they’re really popular when they’re not and they keep insisting you join for increasingly spurious reasons to use you as ammo/shield.

Here’s some sanity;


One response to “Why aren’t more people feminists?

  1. When feminists strove for equality, they achieved their principle objective in the UK with the passing of the Sex Discrimination Act in 1975. Feminism nowadays, whether or not it is called ‘Third Wave’, is about advocating ‘positive’ discrimination against men, the majority of whom have never practiced discrimination against women, or benefitted from any supposed institutionalized discrimination in favour of men.

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