Video: Thought germs

Tries to explain memes for people too dumb to know the word. Also assumes emotions are a weakness in the brain (they are not, unless you’re applying them as a cogent form of argument, which isn’t a weakness of emotion but a logical fallacy in context).

Nothing about factual evidence because this should be obvious. Nothing about how anger is a primal trigger (an instinct triggered beyond the brain, not truly an emotion) for good evolutionary reasons. It sounds neutral, except it isn’t. Let’s apply it to something worth talking about: science. At some point, one group wins. Forever. The process of angered debate is fertile, instead of futile. They vye for power. That is not a symbiosis. This video confuses ideological familiarity with merit as a position of (factual) argument. No one debates their opinion because it’s self-evident.

Mental hygiene is an old Christian and feminist idea (avoiding thoughts of sin) and purifying the body.

Click to access 211-236.pdf

Note how the video doesn’t question itself? Yes, we agree with “good mental health” as a goal, nice try buddy.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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