Gays didn’t want a marriage certificate after all

Conservatives critiques were entirely justified.

They indeed wanna control what you think, feel and do.

This isn’t North Korea, you nutjobs. We (read: everyone) have a right to disapprove of literally anything, for no reason whatsoever. Having opinions isn’t illegal (mostly, in my country we’ve devolved).

They thought it would force everyone else to shower them with praise for a sexual behaviour. That’s like the BDSM lot trying to get whips sold in supermarkets because kids might think it’s less scary. I doubt a circuitous pseudorationale like that would ever, in a million years, change somebody’s mind, and their brainless caricature of conservatives, thinking the piece of statist paper makes a difference to their scripture or biological conception of a holy union (fertile, can make babies, the express purpose of marriage), is absurd. Deluded SJWs fail at life again.

There is a slight insinuation that by gaining “Governmental” acceptance (not really, votes vary) and controlling the cultural narrative in framing gay marriage as functional, happy, healthy, monogamous blah blah blah – they could, in turn make this sunny view (completely opposed to reality) real. In short, they’re blaming straight people for the fact their lives suck. Domestic abuse, drug use, HIV/other STD rates, rampant infidelity (rendering even straight marriage invalid)…. sure, blame the straights. Blame Whitey. Blame those evil men. Blame everybody for your actions and insecurity – except yourself.

Remember when the gay crowd had a backbone? Me neither.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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