Video: Virgin Shaming

I explained my take on the subject in the post Breasts are Beautiful and the history of how the flip of reverted moral expectations happened.
Nowadays, women get “virgin-shamed” more than men…. by sluts. Always by sluts, in fact, because they themselves lost something (innocence, truthfully, and pair-bonding ability, which the promiscuous lack) they subconsciously recognise is valuable to men, and since they cannot regain it, they can bully the competition into evening the playing field. This is why it’s so hard for the good guys to find women with a simply low count, women are lied to – by other women. [e.g. You have to, he’ll love you, you’re damaged]. Later on, these sluts get cut off socially, (I believe this is why) but the damage by that point is already done (usually because the bullying works or leaves a mark). It started with women, and this gave men license to do it as well (and to their own sex at ever-earlier ages). Doesn’t make it right, since unlike slut shaming, which has medical backing, everyone was born a virgin. It’s a default. There’s nothing wrong with it. Assuming a person is happy with it, they shouldn’t be pestered about that state when it’s the most intimate choice you’ll ever make, it’s a simple fact of liberty that if you wish to abstain from doing something with your body, you can.

Male virgin shaming isn’t something I’m properly qualified to discuss (being a woman). However, I think it’s a different issue to the female type because women process sex differently, intimately, and making love before our independently chosen time can screw us up for life, and to know another person, of your own sex, manipulated you into ruining something so beautiful? No wonder.

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