“Kill all men”, “F**k men”, “Die cis scum” says Lib Dem executive committe member


We pleased to see that our article on sexism at the 2015 NUS Women’s conference appear to have really struck a chord. It’s already received over ten thousand unique visits in just a few days and seeing as there’s so much interest we decided to write a follow up and examine some of the latest developments in the story.

The scandal began with a Tweet by Sarah Noble, who openly boasted of her proposal at the conference expressing the “need to remove men from society”. Such a hateful statement seemingly calling for the genocide of men isn’t too out of the ordinary in more extremist feminist circles. However, we discovered that Sarah sits on no less than three Liberal Democrat executive committees and also a a fourth position on the policy committee of Liberal Youth, and thus gets to influence policy for a major UK political party. In addition to…

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