Meanwhile, at The Guardian: “Whiting Up”


whiting up Guardian wtf


“it does alarm me that so many people, particularly ethnic minorities, have no intention of participating in this year’s general election and haven’t even registered to vote.”

Illegals aren’t allowed.

They are serious.

Do I need to break down why it is disgusting?

The regular Guardian readers are starting to figure it out;

“I can’t help but find these posters somewhat racist and offensive. They are basicly intimating that being white is somehow negative.”

I hope this tosser lives long enough to die in a riot without a pension

“An awful campaign. By whiting up, particularly with such snow white makeup which gives a sickly appearance, they are suggesting there is something wrong, sinister or lacking with being white or white voters.”

“To be politically engaged these days can turn into a very unhealthy obsession. Take these posters – there is an Orwellian feel to them.”

and the genius

“Would the Guardian put an advert with the following:

“Take the colour out of Britain – vote BNP””

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