Video: What happens when SJWs try to be men #Gamergate

This is so incredibly pathetic I had to share it.

oh no oh dear hides facepalm double

I was in pain watching it. I was cringing that hard.

Why do I share a sex with people like this? Why do they share my air?

The part that really got me was the half a minute unfunny intro. Seen away from a SJW’s tarred vision, it’s hilariously sexist (if by sexist you mean stereotypical to a sex).
The woman doesn’t know something (cliche) and instead of taking some initiative and looking it up on the device in her very hands, she asks a man. She gets emotional, daydreams, distracted, he repeatedly needs to correct her, she doesn’t listen to him until he tells her firmly, needing to stop reading himself, learning in the same way she refused to do, ignoring the express purpose of the device men built in her hands. He is instantly more knowledgeable on the tech slang topic than the person holding a device. Woman refuses to take an insult as if that works. I was laughing for the wrong reasons.

2 responses to “Video: What happens when SJWs try to be men #Gamergate

  1. Maybe I’m abnormal, but I appreciate women that are…. (you know)… “womeny”.

    I didn’t even know that person was a girl for the first minute of the video. She didn’t even need the additional makeup for the skit.

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