Yes, Diversity is about “getting rid” of white people

Well, at least they’re admitting it now.

I love how SJWs confuse a white supremacist with someone who is not both white and self-loathing about it nor willing to slander their ancestor’s commitment to our modern life (up to and including dying for it) and hard-earned privileges like computers and fridges. White Guilt is a neolib illness the rest of the healthy population are not afflicted with and I believe this might explain their low fertility rates, a sense of unworthiness (correct and fine by me: “If the Left can’t make enough converts from right-wing families (and more important, keep them), or import enough to make up the difference, they will realize that they have aborted, sterilized and sodomized themselves to the point that they’re not having enough kids.”). Children shouldn’t be raising children.

Archived at: for those who can’t see past the ban hammer.

“getting rid” = ……genocide?

While there are various definitions of the term, Adam Jones states that the majority of genocide scholars consider that “intent to destroy” is a requirement for any act to be labelled genocide, and that there is growing agreement on the inclusion of the physical destruction criterion.

#KillAllMen Check the author name this is pure 24 karat gold.
Article 3 is where it gets good: public incitement is a crime. This would logically include the feminists, pathological altruists, xenophiles and multiculturalists who wish to limit fertility and bring about a constraint on native Europeans with an influx to create societal pressure downward, a failure to thrive.

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