RIP, peer review

He also went on to call himself out in a sense, stating that journal editors aid and abet the worst behaviours, that the amount of bad research is alarming, that data is sculpted to fit a preferred theory. He goes on to observe that important confirmations are often rejected and little is done to correct bad practices. What’s worse, much of what goes on could even be considered borderline misconduct.

N is for Narrative.

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Pornography and more violent sexual behaviour

I disagree with the tinge of feminist angle, but I think she needed to say that to get it published in full.

One of the reasons why pornography is generally overlooked as a sexual health issue is the generation gap created by Internet pornography. The term pornography generally conjures up images of a pizza delivery guy arriving at the house of a sexually aroused housewife or girl next door. However, the Internet has significantly reshaped the content of pornography. Now, the most popular and easily accessible forms of pornography contain significant amounts of violence, degradation and humiliation of women, are short, and focused almost exclusively on genitalia. Many adults, who are beyond the years of sexual development and exploration and who developed their sexual identities prior to the Internet, have not encountered the new sexual scripts Internet pornography is inscribing on the sexual identities of younger people. Thus, there is a significant gap in how older and younger adults understand what constitutes pornography, which leaves older adults less prepared to help guide sexual choices.

Also, it explains why younger women are generally sluttier.

Results indicate that while a majority of women have seen pornography (87 percent), most (52 percent) reported no current consumption. Among those who did report current pornography use, consumption was associated with increased incorporation of and reliance on pornographic sexual scripts during dyadic sexual encounters as well as increased concerns over sexual performance and body image. We conclude pornographic scripts create a heuristic model of sexuality most women avoid but, among those who do engage with the script, the impact was very similar to that of men.

See? Cliff notes is, he blamed modern porn for making modern woman so slutty. In so many words.

Absolute best resource of the damaging effect of modern porn (Internet, free, niche and violent, NOT softcore or normative) is

Reminder: most slavery is sexual slavery.
Sex Ed is also to blame. If you tell children about sex too early (prior to about 12), the first thing they’re going to do is look it up online.

How do you replace Universities?

“Geez,” said Willy Jack, who having the 193 IQ favored the smart, whom he saw as an oppressed class, as they were forced to go to stupid schools. “Why make them go to classes at all? Smart dudes can, you know, like just do the lectures and read the books. Professors aren’t really good for anything, except to make you do your homework.”

Willy Jack was becoming insightful.

On the lamentable demise of the Higher Education Con thanks to MOOCs –

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Clue’s in the username.

SJWs finally kill someone as pro-equality man commits suicide after “racism” monstering

“The personal and media attacks on him, without proper examination, are simply horrifying,” Diskin wrote. Ronis, he said “is entirely the wrong target for such an attack on the web and in the media.”

Bring back criminal libel.

if you dont shut your mouth i will kill you patrick bateman american psycho

These people need to be stopped, they’re clearly amoral sadists who get a sick thrill out of their perpetual outrage. Going after one person after another, it’s like a form of serial killing, but since they’re verbally abusing people into an early grave, it doesn’t count on the record. I know one who was bragging recently about how two her friends attempted suicide in the past year and she was sure the next one would succeed (and certain there would be others). They get off on it.