I’m going to start doing a “trigger” series

You know how SJWs get their knickers in a twist over anything? Including things that aren’t even there?

Yeah, I’m going to link to things you can use to show them what a ‘real’ trigger would be, if the term applied to their oversensitive dispositions (which it doesn’t). It should make them retreat back into the tumblr tags.

Exhibit The First;

British brainwashing in schools for multiculturalism

This is ominous.

Some of the clever ones are part of the resistance;


It suggests that misconceptions about migration and other cultures are rife, fuelled by distorted views about the numbers of immigrants living in the UK.

The campaign group itself doesn’t care about the facts, hence the word they use is misconception and not quantifiable, as others have pointed out. Pure Narrative sell, self-loathing makes you good. Some of the kids have noticed they come last to their Common Purpose / Cultural Marxist teachers.

Correlation between high IQ and superior sperm


yes lestat dancing happy cheery morbid black comedy

Social Darwinism 1

Social Justice 0

I love everything about this paper. I want to make a small altar and light a candle for this paper.


General intelligence itself is correlated with many important health outcomes including cardio-vascular function and longevity.

lestat rat judgemental

Pretend it’s a rabbit.


Intelligent people aren’t done for! We simply need a really, really, REALLY big freezer!

Yes, Diversity is about “getting rid” of white people


Well, at least they’re admitting it now.

I love how SJWs confuse a white supremacist with someone who is not both white and self-loathing about it nor willing to slander their ancestor’s commitment to our modern life (up to and including dying for it) and hard-earned privileges like computers and fridges. White Guilt is a neolib illness the rest of the healthy population are not afflicted with and I believe this might explain their low fertility rates, a sense of unworthiness (correct and fine by me: “If the Left can’t make enough converts from right-wing families (and more important, keep them), or import enough to make up the difference, they will realize that they have aborted, sterilized and sodomized themselves to the point that they’re not having enough kids.”). Children shouldn’t be raising children.

Archived at: https://archive.is/vEuBX for those who can’t see past the ban hammer.

“getting rid” = ……genocide?

While there are various definitions of the term, Adam Jones states that the majority of genocide scholars consider that “intent to destroy” is a requirement for any act to be labelled genocide, and that there is growing agreement on the inclusion of the physical destruction criterion.

#KillAllMen Check the author name this is pure 24 karat gold.
Article 3 is where it gets good: public incitement is a crime. This would logically include the feminists, pathological altruists, xenophiles and multiculturalists who wish to limit fertility and bring about a constraint on native Europeans with an influx to create societal pressure downward, a failure to thrive.

“Or is it your reputation that’s bothering you? But look at how soon we’re all forgotten. The abyss of endless time that swallows it all. The emptiness of those applauding hands. The people who praise us; how capricious they are, how arbitrary. And the tiny region it takes place. The whole earth a point in space – and most of it uninhabited.” ~ Marcus Aurelius

The Self-Esteem Movement and College Leftism

Attack the System

By Aleksey Bashatvenko

“The presidency is the incarnation of the American people, in a sacrament resembling that in which the water and the wine are seen to be the body of Christ.” -Herman Finer

In 1945, only 2 out of 10 people claimed that they were special or more talented than the average person. Today, 6 out of 10 people make a similar claim and the same holds true for 8 out of 10 college students. Over 50% of college students believe that they deserve a high-paying and a prestigious job immediately upon graduation. The overwhelming 70% of millennials think that they are of substantially above average intelligence and are capable of achieving great things in life. In nearly all surveys conducted on this matter, millennials were almost unanimous in their declaration that becoming famous is both possible and desirable for them

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Inferior v Superior People



They are anti-evolution, in my opinion. Especially the evolution of humans (a SPECIES, not a ‘race’) and our psyche. They want the power of an adult with none of the responsibilities, an intellectualized infantilisation exercise. ( narcissist r-types: http://www.anonymousconservative.com/blog/where-modern-r-amygdalae-meet-ancient-k-amygdalae/ ) They are calling for a cull, a genocide on a racial level (beige people) but on an intellectual, emotional plane as well. Giftedness genocide, I think of it, much like mass immigration is a form of cultural cuckoldry, they wish to use humanity as the melting pot and petri dish for their ideology, they’re more authoritarian than Hitler. They are naïve enough of biological determinism (they refuse it exists, honestly, ask them) to expect humans are tabula rasa and can be totally rewritten. They don’t want to simply kill people (#killallmen) they wish to do something far worse – strip us of our humanity and individuality. Evolved differences? Let’s scrub those nasty things away with science! and play God. #Frankenstein

Communists fail when they misunderstand human motivation. Reaction formation, idiots. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ressentiment Behavioural psychology, conditioning, feedback and response loops IN THE BRAIN.


One of the most common examples is a woman who is envious of another’s beauty, such as in the fairy tale “Snow White“, in which the Queen is envious of Snow White’s youth and beauty, and seeks to kill the young woman in order to once again be the “fairest of them all”. ~ anti-feminism propaganda before it was a thing

Human value is relative to the competition. In bowing to the Third World from fake white guilt, the Original Sin of Whiteness, they become the slaves to the people outcompeting them for those plum jobs, even in STEM. They are losers whining about the need for a social species to rank by hierarchy because in each category they fail.

As I said in a ROQ article, social justice is anti-social revenge.

“Vanity well fed is benevolent. Vanity hungry is spiteful.” ~ Mason Cooley

They have what used to be called vainglory, and it is futile. It attempts to bring down others by falsely boosting the self. Identity politics.

On the other hand, I’m still pissed off with Cappy for this one he did while I was off demurely sipping tea –

Psychology has 3 problems

1. liars are allowed to push their politics i.e. feminist psychology, really. It exists. We acknowledge the problem and are presently pulling out the SJW weeds. http://pps.sagepub.com/content/7/5/504.abstract

2. aimless idiots are allowed in and prefer soft course material over brutal reality aka science. (I believe this is the bone of contention).

3. anything claiming to be psychology is considered it. Most of the present material is a liberal art but it’s tarring the real scientists with that brush to say it’s a stupid subject when there are highly scientific branches vital to an aging population (neurology, gerontology) and our technological needs (computational neuroscience, possibly AGI).

MGTOW helps feminism crush their competition, pretty women


At this battle’s core is the narcissist – a miserable wretch, made powerless to improve their own lot by a constant overwhelming envy of others, and left livid at what they see as the unfairness of other’s bliss in the face of their misery. However their real overwhelming motivation is a desire to remove the happiness of others which so irritates them. This is the narcissist, just as it is the liberal, just as it is the SJW, just as it is the feminist. The “cause” ostensibly pursued by each is merely the excuse they use to justify their intrusion upon, and their attacks on, the happy.

He has a really good point.

Period drama romance stories are a lesson in female psychology;


Kill off the enemy and claim their spouse.

Baby strikes back: aborted unborn increase breast cancer risk in “mother”


And the Pill.


Who knew fucking around with nature would fuck you up? #PagingMaryShelley

Pumping the body full of synthetic hormones …. how could there be consequences?