In fertility conversations, what about men?

The problem is bigger.

We import workers, their spouses and whole families. These suck up more resources than if we’d let the gap of a single worker be. Those people have NO loyalty to this country and will leave the first time their loyalty is tested, bag full of our swag. They may earn net positive, but it’s being sent abroad, their home economy and various terrorist-based charities. They are a huge loss. Some European countries (can’t recall name) insist the immigrant has a national bank account and they are not permitted to leave with more money than they arrived with. They don’t have an economic migrant aka piracy problem.

We emphasize career over family and make family seem boring and monogamy a prison although work is always work.

Parents needn’t be good ones and there is no social correction, nothing guiding them and terrible influences and “role models” abound.

Europe is sub-replacement – none of this matters. The entire continent, because we are experiencing an economic downturn and this is normal. Replacing it with foreigners compounds the old problems and creates new ones.
Blaming women, blaming men – how about blaming empty promiscuity and contraception? Oh, does that cut too close for the feminists wondering where The Man is to pay for their retirement and pet projects?

Yes, some men are commitment shy. We don’t have good men anymore. But we don’t have good women either. Certainly, men are fed the playboy lifestyle as if it’s possible. But we encourage them to be feminine and infantile, don’t we? Any wonder they avoid the problem like a girl?

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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