Effete beta males and the Sneaky Fucker Strategy


You’ll be happy to know you’re not alone in your confusion; in fact this very phenomenon has been documented in other animal populations and even been given a quite unscientific name, Sneaky F—er Strategy … ..

dis gonna be good anticipation pull up a chair listen watch

I must point to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bateman%27s_principle


Around the world, increasing numbers of male fish are developing female traits — growing new sexual organs and sometimes even producing eggs. The phenomenon that has been blamed mostly on chemicals that get into the water and mimic the female hormone estrogen.

But a new study puts some of the blame on an entirely different class of chemicals — ones that block the action of male hormones called androgens.


What’s the advantage to the ladies here? It’s the incitement. The crayfish live in high population densities, and stirring up a little trouble and getting the males to fight provides an opportunity to select a winner. It may also produce a local population of desirable contenders: a whiff of urine may encourage wimpy males to run away and avoid potential trouble, while the more aggressive males may home in on it.


One of the more interesting traits of Apistogramma cacatuoides is that of “sneaker” males. Due to the aggressive, territorial nature of the males, a submissive male will not develop the full “cockatoo” finnage nor the full male coloration. He will “pretend” to be a female and take any opportunities presented to mate with willing females. If the dominant male then dies, this submissive male will then develop the full finnage.


When a male cuttlefish is wooing a lady, he often “cheats” by painting typical female patterns on one side of his body, while the other side ? the one facing the female ?  shows off typical male patterns. This gender-bending disguise fools rival males into thinking they’re seeing just a couple of ladies hanging out. That means more of an opportunity for the cheater cuttlefish to mate.

You’re intelligent people, draw your own conclusions.

One response to “Effete beta males and the Sneaky Fucker Strategy

  1. “You’re intelligent people, draw your own conclusions.”

    I see your point. You’re implying feminists look like dudes to keep female competition at bay.

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