Video: Culty Claudia

Imagine my surprise (and tbh, delight) when I saw this pop up in my recc. list. I found this guy during gamergate, he speaks a little too slowly (and monotone, but it’s a second language I think so give him a break) but the content splicing is epic.
On the subject at hand —

I assume I need no introduction Lestat IWTV film bamf

Usually people ignore her, after distorting the Nazi rape comment (really correction) by a *gasp* MAN! based on that little thing called history. She twisted a recognition of a hypothetical as a threat in the present. I dunno how unless she has a TARDIS stowed away behind that bookcase. I don’t blame them for ignoring her after that, it was a ludicrous situation. Yet there is a balance that if someone is happy to put their opinions on a controversial topic in a public video, inviting attention to it, they should be happy in turn if someone else is taking those seriously enough to do a rebuttal in a similar format.

I hope he’ll cover more like this, there is a small goldmine to be had from the sheer volume of implausible contradiction in her worldview. 2+2=5 shit. Surreal.
Posting for those wondering what dear Claudia’s up to nowadays (and yes, the gif use is a deliberate literary reference).

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