Isothymia as a means of Megalothymia in SJWs

This is going to be brief, I’m working.

  • Isothymia is a desire to be seen as equal to others (when one is inferior, especially by one’s own chosen actions).
  • Megalothymia is a desire to be seen as superior to others (status-signalling SJWs, for example, who are considered common or negatively when not broadcasting their trendiness).

What we have is a symbiosis of the mentally ill, neurotics, as other species like the shark and remora fish do.

In return for moral (social) relevance from the otherwise ostracised white middle class oppressors, they support the claims of those whom they know represent no real threat to their status, and furthermore, simply wish to be considered as moral (equal) despite their immoral background. This destructive relationship must be continuously reinforced as taboos are broken or new trends created. Outcome: Holier than thou spiritual purity in social justice.


Otherkin demand NHS operations for fins. The Bourgeoisie permit this, because they do not use the NHS and remain separate from Nemokin.

It is a codependent relationship requiring a Victim and a Saviour. It is tinged with moral implications related to masochism and sadism respectively. Each needs an outlet for their weaknesses but the sadist casually discards its victims as part of its feeding pattern once its optimum use has ended.

This coincides with r/K theory, as there are two types of narcissist and each is angered by different things. It isn’t hard to guess which is which.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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