Why are universities blocking formation of men’s societies?


Sexism? Sue.

A male Durham University student was so moved by the suicide of a close male friend that he felt compelled to start a society for other men who may need support – only to find it blocked by the Student Union this week for being too “controversial”.

poor dear (not sarcasm for once)

When Adam Frost, 21, a third-year Italian and French student, proposed the Durham University Male Human Rights Society, he was ridiculed on campus, with remarks such as “Isn’t this a bit like starting a society for white people’s rights?”
oh no oh dear hides facepalm double
Why not do that too?
Don’t white people have rights anymore?
The Equality Act says it IS possible to discriminate against white people, I fucking read it.
The SJWs seem to think you can ONLY support your group if you play a Victim Card, whether or not you have one – untrue. You can start a group to further your interests on nothing, with no cause at all. Don’t buy into ANY of their frame.
Adam told me: “Last October, a friend who was depressed reached out to me, but I didn’t know what to say. I tried to help, but two weeks later I found out he’d killed himself. That hit me hard. I started looking into male suicide and found some shocking statistics. The reason behind that is that male depression isn’t taken seriously – we’re supposed to just ‘man up’ and deal with it. Men are ridiculed.

Which group ridicules men?

“It’s incredible how much stigma there is against male weakness. Men’s issues are deemed unimportant, so I decided to start a society.


“But it was rejected by [Durham’s] Societies Committee; they said it was ‘controversial’ – and that my aims were ‘too similar to those of Fem Soc [Feminist Society]’. That’s just not true. They told me I could have a men’s group, but only if it was a branch of the Fem Soc, which struck me as unacceptable.

No boy’s clubs allowed. Start one off campus, I found out some time back the rules usually only apply to communal campus space. Then find a no-win no-fee lawyer and go to town. On proceeds (because you WILL win) fund the group’s space.

“To show why, I went through the Fem Soc policy documents, where it specifically says, ‘Feminism exists for women’ and ‘it would be extremely unreasonable to expect this space to support and cater for the needs of men’…..

Men are the enemy.

Tweet Emma Watson for her opinion, with a picture of the “Feminism exists for women” document. I am 100% completely serious. The bitch can’t deny you the opportunity for your own space, since she tried that UN BS. When even she ignores you, you have certifiable proof they’re all like that.

8 responses to “Why are universities blocking formation of men’s societies?

  1. Things are so convoluted. I am a white man which means I am frowned upon by almost all of society as a racist, homophobic, sexist, privileged arsehole. Even many white men are so beaten down that they agree.

    On another note: I have been watching The IT Crowd on Netflix over the past week or so and I must say, It Is Brilliant.


    The one about Roy ending up in a wheelchair at the Gay musical was laugh on the floor funny.

      • As Sheldon of The Big Bang Theory would say, “Spoiler Alert: Now I know the last episode was perfect!

        Being a southern guy from the US, I don’t watch a lot of British TV (actually, I don’t watch much TV, at all), but I have been captured by this show. It even had one episode where the owner of the company had an affair with a transgender person. He had no idea because he thought she/he said that she/he was from Iran (instead of hearing he/her say that she used to be a man).

        Very funny.

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