My readership is diverse


I don’t understand it.

why are you even here damon ian wtf
e.g. Some non-white countries really love reading about the race, race realist perspectives and ‘white people’ material (with the last, especially black people). I accommodate the needs of my readers when choosing subjects to cover. They take a genuine interest in those taboo subjects, since most whites won’t touch them with a bargepole from fear and I sincerely appreciate that and try to balance it when I report stuff. Non-whites aren’t the enemy by default unless they’re doing something they shouldn’t be doing (mostly those are plain crimes), kinda like hate the sin not the sinner, except that notion is wrong when applied to religion. Some terrible people are white, every race has its fuck-ups and I wouldn’t like to be pre-judged because of them (cough Jack the Ripper cough). We need balance and perspective to have these discussions. I believe they have the right to self-determination of their race within their native homelands, the same with every race, including white people. We shouldn’t be pushing groups to mingle against their will (freedom of association) or when it’s bad for them (outbreeding depression, multiculturalism social problems). I’m quite rare in this regard, not wishing harm or punishment for some grand revenge fantasy’s sake. ideally live and let live. I think that’s why some of you are here.

My sentiment on the tide against PC.

We agree on certain basics, like the existence of difference. We have the best odds of figuring out these bigger problems, like SJW entryism, (one of my most popular topics) with a cross-cultural perspective, up to the global population. Power-trip ranting won’t get us anywhere.

When I started out, I figured I’d get mostly UK people and a smattering of US thanks to the cultural venn diagram. I guess the truth does transcend boundaries, or some other Polyanna platitude. The full list (these are weekly) often features a remarkably high showing from Arabic countries, especially properly Muslim ones like Saudi Arabia. They like the sex subject advice best…. and coverage of Western decline.

glare glaring stare no stop please wtf drinking tea disapproval forever

Whatever floats your boat, chaps.
Frankly, if we over here keep fucking up much longer, I’m right there with you. Let it burn. It’s easier to rebuild from ash than cut rot from living tissue. I’m too nerdy to come up with cooler metaphor.

Still, one could never accuse this site of being “white supremacist” although the topic(s) is discussed. I feel this is important to note. It is possible to discuss and share. If we’re only sharing what we believe to be true based on the available evidence, anthropologically or psychologically, what is there to hide from one another? The truth converges over time.

I shan’t attempt to understand Malaysia or certain islands, but rest assured, I see and appreciate you!

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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