Sluts are rejected by other women, even sluts themselves

They're so stupid it's a laughriot

Literally nobody likes them socially (cause and effect are bidirectional). And they think behaviour is without consequence? They are “unsuitable for friendship” and long-term relationships, never ‘wife material’ certainly.

Participants’ preference for less sexually active as friends remained even when they personally reported liberal attitudes about casual sex or a high number of lifetime lovers.

They know, deep down, how fucked up they are and don’t want to deal with drama twice over, acting up because it’s the only form of attention you can scrape.
“poor psychological and ” – did it measure this? which came first?
Average men don’t want to be friends with players either:

Even sexually modest men preferred the non-permissive potential friend in only half of all variables.

Only half? Yeah, the researcher is a broad. There isn’t a ‘double standard’ as she claims. Players want wingmen friends some of the time, but still, not one more successful than them. Totally different consideration, nothing to do with ‘stigma’, what is she on?

Never occurs to these people that “stigma” is in fact, true? No studies on that, are there?
Nobody asks the question of whether the stereotypes are true? The stigma is justified? Or is the answer un-PC so they never published it?

It’s like drunk-driving and wondering why nobody trusts you with their car keys, they’re socially retarded. Social reputation in a social species, which you’re never going to change, is crucial to social survival. Don’t wanna be treated like a goatfucker? Don’t fuck any goats. They want the reward of the bad girl (behaviour) AND the reward of the good girl too (being treated with respect). They want to have their cake and eat it. It’s impossible. Nobody likes a slag (not even themselves). Never will. You have to choose and you did choose, quit crying about the consequences of your foolish agency.

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