How SJW entryism works

As seen in the example at

1. Sniff out success.

2. Claim victim badge highest on Progressive Stack and bring it up instead of working.

3. Decry any who wish to keep politics out of their profession (aka professionalism), tell you to shut up and get to work or dare disagree.

4. Cry to the nearest authority figure to get them fired, use flowerly language about how your feewings were hurt.

5. Threaten to go to the press with how ‘violent’ you feel their individual opinion is, imply to their boss that you will slander them and get a black mark against the whole company¬†for refusing their direct orders of tyranny, get your screwed-up friends to form an online cyberbullying gang to spread some libel online.

6. Collect prizes of rush as you control people like a Little Hitler or cry and add the embellished, distorted version to your rota of personal anecdotes of Oppression Olympics.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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