What kills a subculture?


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Good stuff.
I’ve noticed this with geek conventions. A few years ago it was myself and a few friends browsing the comics, then Avengers came out and 20 “geeks” for every real one sprang into existence. Plus hipster parents and their kids, I’m sorry but conventions are no place for a child.

3 responses to “What kills a subculture?

  1. I’m sure I’m not alone in saying this, but I really don’t see an issue in subcultures being followed by the unwashed masses. Individual parts of them can be damaged, but an entire subculture isn’t going to suddenly die just because the masses want in on it. And the original elements of it will continue developing regardless of whether or not the mops want to look at them or the sociopaths try and replicate them.

    Sure, games may be changing, but for every ten or twenty Mario puzzle games designed for the average person, there’s one game like Witcher to keep the hardcore fans happier. The cool things don’t actually disappear.

    And there’s nothing really wrong with someone wanting part in a subculture, from the sidelines or for money or whatever. They’re only a part of it so much as they’re allowed to be and if what they’re doing is awful, nobody is forced to consume it.

    Sure, I’d be furious if One Piece suddenly went full-blown Social Justice Warrior YAOI, because it’s a good show and that’s not what we’re watching it for. But as long as the sociopaths are allowed to make SJW YAOI for the mops, then One Piece is likely to be left alone, to be enjoyed by hardcore fans and casual onlookers alike. And if it gets messed up, I can move onto Nanatsu no Taizai, Dungeon ni Deai or anything else that is also awesome in a similar genre.

    Geekdom is a market and as long as there is a market for the “pure” stuff, however niche, it will be made. And as long as it’s good, who cares if some niche items are made out of pure greed or become popular among the masses?

      • Considering what you can find online, it isn’t. It’s just being made inaccessible to the same mops who weren’t that into it to begin with. I can read illegal neonazi fantasy books including accurate descriptions on how to make bombs if I want to. I can listen to metal bands that write songs that are 99% politically incorrect vulgarity. Boku no pico is probably still out there. It’s all accessible.

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