Book: The Man Who Would Be Queen (transgender psychology)

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Link thanks to SuperMisdreavus. Whole book.

Autogynephilic and Homosexual Transsexuals: How To Tell Them Apart at pp.192

I don’t count the homosexual ones as you well know because they just come under a queer type of gay really, but good luck getting that back into the DSM when it’s more political than the literal Bible.

And although Blanchards ideas are fundamental to an understanding of transsexualism, they might not matter that much for helping transsexuals, which most clinicians have as their first priority. With luck, the next revision of the DSM will distinguish homosexualfrom autogynephilictranssexualism. But will popular features on the transgenderedbegin to mention the teenage masturbatory cross-dressing? Will The Cher Mondavi Storybecome a made-fortelevision movie co-starring Robot Man?Probably not, and it is a pity. True acceptance of the transgendered requires that we truly understand who they are.”

This is why natural women have an aversion to cross-dressing men. Disgust, if they’re honest.

Rather, sex reassignment has a rational choice component: Can I make it? Will I be happier as a female? Will I be more successful getting straight men as a woman than I am at getting gay men as a man?(The last decision has to be weighted by a particular transsexuals degree of preference for straight versus gay men. Most vastly prefer straight men.)

Normal men need substantial legal protections from rape by these creatures (the homosexual type usually). Open disclosure prior to offer at least. And the men who think they can fuck a man with breast implants and count as ‘straight’ need some serious social correction, it’s a damaging delusion when you consider the STD risk.

Prostitution is the single most common occupation that homosexual transsexuals in our study admitted to. About half of them have worked as prostitutes at some point….

The rate of HIV infection among transsexual streetwalkers is very high, partly due to the high rate of intravenous drug use.

The self-destruction – this is why people avoid them.
You don’t want these “straight men” passing these diseases onto the very women normal men sleep with, in general sexual marketplace circulation. It’s a public health risk.

The manosphere need to nip this in the bud and make it law for these men to out themselves.

Living on the edge is more out of necessity than desire. Most of the homosexual transsexuals I talked to had similar dreams for the future. They wanted to get their surgery (if they had not yet had it) and meet a nice, attractive, and financially stable heterosexual man who would marry and take care of them. This is obviously similar to the hopes of many non-transsexual women. When I was conducting my study of homosexual transsexuals, I routinely asked them if they knew anyone who had realized this dream. No one did.

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Your move, guys.
Your move.

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