Which laws kept marriages intact?

It is easy to say the modern legal system is unfair, unjust and the various issues with it are causing the social breakdown we know too well. Here are some of the laws which kept the sexes in line, and marriage thereafter. Their loss has caused recognisable problems.

To avoid players or lying cads promising marriage to good women



To prevent gossip by competition, especially where truthful


To prevent bitter rivals (possibly male) or spinsters dissolving a union once made


To promote emotional intimacy and the ‘dependency paradox’ vital for a permanent relationship


The spouse should become the centre but not the whole Universe. Family business and home matters don’t leak to outsiders who twist the knife while things are down (natural ups and downs) and never let a good time go without passive-aggression.

Includes land law in


For an obligation of honesty going into marriage – “freely offered” – they know what they’re getting into


Prenuptial agreements should be legally binding I really don’t see the point otherwise. It misrepresents the litigant as not a gold-digger and then they can turn around and say “it doesn’t count, I didn’t mean it”?

This is widely applicable from many parties and SJWs do this for monstering, bring it back with criminal libel


Most vital of all, this ensures sexual fidelity in BOTH parties as agreed in their vows, reduces cuckoldry to nil and guarantees financial support between parties (not paid out to mistresses or bastard children).


The tort of criminal conversation seeks damages for the act of sexual intercourse outside marriage, between the spouse and a third party. Each act of adultery can give rise to a separate claim for criminal conversation.

This values the commitment. Dollar value. Bring it back.

It’s a matter of time until the feminists bring back


for men who lie to get sex (like, all 99.999% of them).

Protection from adultery is the crucial means of safeguarding marriage for future generations. Without this, what is the point? Nobody forces you to make a commitment in this century, the choice should have legal weight on both sides. The K-types care about marriage and must protect their mating strategy from predatory r-types, either as their spouse or the cheating third party. Marriage must be inoculated from the ravishes of the sexual marketplace.


6 responses to “Which laws kept marriages intact?

  1. Reblogged this on Patriactionary and commented:
    Hear, hear!

    It’s surely not just changes in laws regarding divorce that brought us to where we are today, but no doubt also changes regarding these laws, too.

    It would be interesting and illuminating to learn why each of these various laws were struck down; who agitated against keeping these laws, to what end, who deemed them unfair, and why, etc.

    • It was a question begged in many places, from the manosphere to neoreaction, what caused divorce instigation in the first place? That’s complex case law, since it varies so much by jurisdiction. For our purposes, it’s best to look at the blended approach and how they fitted together to comprehensively protect the nuclear family from dissolution.

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