Link: Why Pretty Girls Hate Being Asked Out By Losers

I think they misuse the term nerd to mean loser.

At least nerds have something going for them. It’s like a caste system, and what they find attractive/repulsive is determined by their position. You have to be pathetic to get a SJW, but this isn’t a norm to all other groups. There isn’t a crossover. If you seek a prep wearing goth gear you’re going to get shot down. Context is key.

I think it’s about this expectation that, while being shallow themselves (after the pretty girl because she is pretty) they have a double standard that the girl in question should have no physical standards and like him for existing, pretty much. They’re fishing out of their league and wondering why they get shot down repeatedly, then bleat how they hate being single, but not enough to date within their league or go without sex (like a normal person) without complaint. It’s very immature.

In dating, you sell yourself. You can’t expect romantic attention for other things that are not romantic in nature (work things, personality, being a “nice person”) – those are a given. Practically everyone has those. Most women would rather be single than with a loser, because their overall value in the future is reduced by dumper-diving in the same way as a man sleeping with a fat woman. Dating isn’t charity work, you aren’t supposed to be a nice person. It’s a social exchange, and these entitled people, truly entitled, bring nothing to the table while expecting a supermodel. If they actually have character or a good personality, that would be one thing to boost their otherwise average looks with the halo effect, but the worst kind befriend you because they’re too chicken to ask upfront, trying to, in effect, blackmail you with friendship feelings into accepting the offer. Those are completely separate from romantic feelings, which are completely separate from sexual feelings, but younger men fail to understand this. When a woman says she likes you as a friend, she means it, in the same way a man says he has no long-term feelings for a fuckbuddy. The ruse uses a woman’s greatest gift, her emotional intimacy, against her. You ever wonder why so many women nowadays have trust issues? THIS sort of bullshit. They can’t even trust their “friends” to be their friends.

You want a free hooker and don’t care about her as a person, she’s just body parts to you, but you refuse to admit it, and furthermore, lie through your teeth to somebody you’re supposed to care about (as a friend or more), saying it’s about anything else than sex (abusing terms like “love”) and laughably, saying you’re doing her a favour. Is it any wonder they hate you? After you put them through that level of emotional anguish? And now you’ve ruined the friendship by making it awkward and weird because you exposed your own plan in throwing a tantrum like a toddler when she declined. “Friendzoned” boys act like passive-aggressive women, thinking if they make the friendship hard enough the woman will give in like a mother figure buying sweets at the supermarket. It’s hella creepy. We don’t even put up with that bitchiness from other women, you’re gone. Friendship finished. Friends don’t deceive one another and certainly don’t start a campaign of emotional abuse. It’s morally repugnant.

When someone asks you out on a date, they are basically saying that they think your standards are low enough to voluntarily go out with them.

It’s an insult. You’re assuming (arrogantly hoping) they’re in your league or think they’re in a comparable league while you know logically they are not, or you wouldn’t be attracted to them (their high SMV). Women can separate feelings of friendship from romantic attraction in the same way men separate sex and love. It isn’t our fault we don’t fancy you, it’s yours. You aren’t attractive enough. It’s like a fat girl asking out the King of the Jocks and blaming him for not finding her physically attractive. Except fat is easier to lose than whatever his appearance-based shortcomings are. Sometimes it’s completely out of your control, like height or race, in which case, get over it. You can’t expect to be compatible with everyone. You can’t negotiate/’shame’ around it and no relationship based on that would last long. Attention from a woman isn’t all the same thing on a sliding scale, like a game of Mario where you rack up points to move onto The Next Level and the final round is sex; in the same way a man wanting to fuck you might fairly balk at the prospect of marrying you. They are completely different considerations. That’s why women run as fast as they can in the opposite direction. It’s like you switched the game between you (relationship) from checkers to chess and demand they play without their consent. Women expect men to know these basic things about them, especially since being in friendships with them, and treat them like individual human beings. Blaming women will just make you more bitter, more of a turnoff in human form and you’ll never resolve the problem. Hint: The problem is you.

There is an issue in the manosphere and fake MGTOWs and a certain type of entitled boy, where, if you tell them the truth, the complete unvarnished truth, they shut down. They refuse to believe it or call you wrong because it hurts their feelings. Maybe they start with the personal attacks when it’s an impersonal topic. You wanted the truth, you don’t get to complain about the taste.

Losers want winners. Winners have a choice. Losers can stamp their feet however much they like, the winners will always be in demand amongst themselves. Life isn’t fair. Your presumptions are baseless. Self-improve and STFU.

6 responses to “Link: Why Pretty Girls Hate Being Asked Out By Losers

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  2. To the worthy is given the spoils. At least men can work to become worthy even though they start at zero. While women are given all the wealth which they must work to keep before the inevitable decline happens.

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  4. Sexy and attractive women are required by our society to have sex with all the men who ask from them… if not then they are mocking the point of society in the first place. Allowing women to sex defer is not a noble cause. Women are designed to have sex often and with many people. Sex deferral is not a human right as you think it is. Women have tricked men into thinking that resisting sex is their “right” when in fact it is not. Men having sex with women is as natural an event as someone peeing or pooping and the society should be abundant for men to partake in the act. Women naturally also want to defer sex as long as possible except with the right male. The perfect man as we all know the term is a fantasy icon that leads many women into chasing sparkly male ghosts.

    What women have done is used a sophisticated genetic trick on men to convince them that deferring sex and rejecting men is the natural way of things, when in fact having sex with the woman is actually the biological right of men and should be as common as defecation. This genetic trick is quite crafty because it played upon the male’s resentment they have for other males and portrayed the women as doe-eyed fawns. This is how these rights have infiltrated every sector of law and order. In reality the sexual playground in the West should have developed more like Brazil or Mexico where women, even married ones, are essentially open for sex all the time with the right amount of coin. In the US and UK women have upped their prices so high that they only regard physical attributes as valuable currency, that is you must be a male of a certain height, build, race etc. to have sex with them, which is ridiculous. Women are property. Their sexual nursing is valuable to the male so they are property as much as children are property of the family. Consider that we have birth control and condoms, there is no reason why the sexual rights of every woman shouldn’t be stripped away at this point as punishment for their trickiness. If you do not punish the women, by the way, they will never respect you or the society as men. Instead they will eventually treat the ruling males like that nerd in your story, mocking and denying him love and attention and crowing for a real man to save them. Giving women this power was a greater crime than all of the injustices in the world since a lack of women is why most men commit crime in the first place!

    Attractive women were more abundant in the 50s and 60s due to WWII wiping out a sizable chunk of the men, whether by death or by injury. After that period the gender ratio balanced and women found they could make more demands and this is where the idea of “leagues” came in. Doubling the effect was women entering the workforce with the backing of the law, and the men were displaced. Like a child spoiled rotten women began mocking and shaming men who didn’t make as much as they were given – not earned – by random CEOs. As time went on women began making greater demands in their males, requiring men to mimic the looks of athletes and celebrities just for an opportunity for a date. Part of the demands they made was the right to exclude themselves for the alpha males and call out or denigrate the males they didn’t want. This entire circumstance is an ill-gotten, disturbing, twisted, mockery of the way civilization works. The reason why the nerd even exists in the first place is because he has a specific function in society: to keep it running. Denying him sexual opportunities with mockery and shame is completely counter to the purpose of civilization in the first place. The reason why civilization exists is to keep women under the toe of men so that they may enjoy sex and babies with them at the male’s leisure while the man makes inventions and maintains society in order to keep his children healthy for the next generation. Women do not make many inventions, nor do they really do much of maintenance, just ask yourself how many female construction workers are there? Women make good sales people though, mainly because people want sex with them. Anyway the type of man who develops society this is irrelevant. What is relevant is the sickening behaviors women take on when they are imbued with an ounce of freedom and a pound of cash. They rub all of these gifts in the men’s faces and simply date and have bastard children with the rare tall classically handsome white guy at the expense of all other men. This is an unsustainable circumstance. Articles like this lambasting men for liking women are ridiculous and cultivates the atmosphere of fear and shame that alpha males and their puppy dog females love to set up to exclude the rest of the men from the sex party.

    • Foreveralone, wow, I’ve seen all your memes. And when gay men want to rape you, since they’re men and only their desires matter, that’s their right, as you said. Because you can’t deny consent to a man. 🙂

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