Self-hating whites and the leftist cowardice

I generally agree with this analysis, but you have to bear in mind – even in times of war, these people would not fight. Either they run, snitch, turncoat or lay down and die, begging and crying the whole time. So when they argue all the things they supposedly believe in, ask them how far they’d go. I bet you they’d blanch and say that dying for what you believe in is “ridiculous” or old-fashioned.

Coward is hence, one of the best insults against r-types, it reminds the other r-types they cannot trust one another when times get tough. And they cannot disprove you because they know it is true. They are ultimately selfish, and would kill their own family to save themselves, if presented with the choice. Loyalty is a meaningless word.

They are not the productive, useful type of whites who would be spared – in slavery, for sex or for work. They think it’s inevitable that the white race is doomed in Europe and parts of the West, but we generally haven’t fought back yet. If/When this occurs, we must remember the rot within. Cut out the cancer. Depose these scumbags from power.

They refute agency and responsibility, little more than children. This is especially poignant among Whites due to pathological altruist strains, I believe CH covered this recently. Ideally, they should never be treated as adults, we should test everyone as a rite of passage and refuse these people adult rights until they grow a spine.

1. Be civil. 2. Be logical or fair. 3. Do not bore me.

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