5 facts about the Muslim demographics in Europe


That can’t be true because, in that case, young Muslims when grown will outnumber the low birth rate natives and install a Caliphate slave system. And since France has the densest population of them all, we’d expect a rise in terror attacks as the first taste of what is to come….

And that’s just silly.

It isn’t as if there’s a European precedent for blocking Muslim immigration and saving BILLIONS. With a capital B.

3 responses to “5 facts about the Muslim demographics in Europe

  1. I’m sorry but the musilm stats in France are innacurate.

    I would be willing to bet my life that the “8.8%” figure is closer to 15-20% in reality.

    I have no way to prove this.
    But Take it from someone who has lived in France for the past 20 years.

    I have also been to prison, the prison population is about 60% musilms.
    In Paris or Marseille, it’s closer to 80%.

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